Programming Notes 8/26 to 9/01

Written by Holly on Friday August 26, 2011

Friday, August 26

7pm                  ONR – Oklahoma’s crackdown on sex offenders has unintended consequences… Haze over an Oklahoma wildlife refuge leads to a legal fight between the state and federal governments… Hundreds of students are heading back to schools with worries about class work – and where they are going to live… New poll results show how Oklahomans feel about tax credits and state revenues… Going back in time to experience a different kind of Oklahoma Life… And, Charley Newcomb with Oklahoma Stories.


Saturday, August 27

7:30am             SUNUP – "Oklahoma Drought: A New Generation” – An entire show dedicated to drought. Topics include weather, cattle sale and management, summer crops and wildlife.

8pm                  MALT SHOP MEMORIES – This was originally scheduled during AugustFest earlier in the month. This program is 80min long. There is not a video available in the traditional way because this was produced to be ran as a pledge special and would require people to make a donation for a copy of the program. 

9:20pm             OETA MOVIE CLUB “The Dirty Dozen” – This will start 20min later than usual due to the extended length of MALT SHOP MEMORIES.


Sunday, August 28

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – Discussion of changes and challenges facing Oklahoma students and educators as they return for the start of a new school year with guests: Phyllis Hudecki, Oklahoma Secretary of Education… Bill Price, Chairman, Oklahoma School Choice Coalition… Dr. Kent Shellenberger, Superintendent, Bethany Public Schools… Ed Allen, President, Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers

7pm                  NATURE “Is That Skunk?” – This episode follows skunks through several states, including Oklahoma.


Monday, August 29

9pm                  OBJECTS AND MEMORY -- This program is about the otherwise ordinary things in our homes and museums that mean the most to us because of their associations with people and experiences. The film examines items recovered or offered in response to 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Vietnam War, along with stories of people who find them important.


Tuesday, August 30

7pm                  HISTORY DETECTIVES -- Did the first woman photographer assigned to the White House use this camera to shoot President Truman? Then, did families of the Confederate South use a child's doll to smuggle medicine past the Northern blockade? And, what does this 15th century map, with a mix of French, English and Spanish labels, tell us about how Europe colonized Florida?

8pm                  FRONTLINE “The Man Who Knew” -- The extraordinary tale of the life and death of FBI Special Agent John O'Neill. An expert on counterterrorism, O'Neillhad long believed the United States should kill Osama bin Laden before Al Qaeda could launch a devastating attack on America. But his James Bond style and hot pursuit of Al Qaeda made him an outcast in the button-down world of the FBI. Forced out of the job he loved, O'Neill left the Bureau for a job in the private sector-as head of security at the World Trade Center. He died there on September 11th. O'Neill's story offers a rare glimpse inside the FBI and helps answer the question: What did the government know?

9pm                  PRESERVING OKLAHOMA HISTORY #103 

9:30pm             POV “Armadillo” -- Captured the lives of young Danish soldiers at a combat operations base in southern Afghanistan.


Wednesday, August 31

7-10pm             NOVA “Becoming Human” -- Investigates new discoveries that are transforming the picture of how we became human. Each hour unfolds with a forensic investigation into the life and death of a specific hominid ancestor, such as Lucy's Child. Dry bones spring back to vivid life with stunning animation, the product of a unique NOVA collaboration between top anthropologists and a talented team of movie animators.

10pm                NOVA “Mind Over Money” -- A look at the world of finance explores why mainstream economists failed to predict the 2008 crash.


Thursday, September 1 

7pm                  BACK IN TIME #101 “Lost Gold of Oklahoma” – This is a new locally-produced documentary series. It will take the place of STATELINE a few times a year. Tonight’s episode is about Oklahoma's little-known 19th century gold rush, and the continuing search for buried treasure. (PREMIERE)

7:30pm             GALLERY #1009 – Gallery traveled to Ponca City to meet Dave May and spend an entire day with him. He started the day by pumping up listeners in the morning and ended the day rallying 70 child actors before a big performance at The Poncan. He's a renaissance man with boundless energy and we found out why Ponca City and Oklahomans around the state can't help but stand up and cheer for The Amazing Dave May. (Original Broadcast 6/10/10)