The Royal Wedding

Written by Holly on Thursday April 28, 2011

coupleWhether you're setting your alarm for 2am or you're waiting to see highlights Friday morning, now is the time to finalize those Royal Wedding plans.

OETA has several options for you to see the entire wedding ceremony and many of the traditional events surrounding it. 

  • 2am to 7:30am -- OETA has arrangements with the BBC to broadcast the entire wedding event, from the congregation arriving at the Abbey to the traditional appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. We will show the whole thing LIVE on our main OETA channel, preempting most of the overnight programming and CURIOUS GEORGE at 7am. (George can still be seen at 3pm Friday.)
  • 7:30am to 1pm -- OETA OKLA will rebroadcast the entire program (or programme) for those who chose to sleep through it.
  • 1pm to 6:30pm -- OETA OKLA gives viewers one more chance to see the whole thing, from start to finish. 

If you only want to see the dresses and hats or you only want to watch the official wedding kiss, here is the approximate timing of events from our contact at the BBC. 

Hours 1-2 -- Main congregation arrives at Westminister Abbey

Hour 3 -- Foreign Dignitaries and Foreign Royal Families arrive (protocol dictates that the British Royal Family is the last to arrive, just before the Bride) 

Hour 4 -- The Bride arrives at the Abbey and the service begins

Hour 5 -- Service ends and carriage procession to Buckingham Palace begins

Hour 6 (half hour) -- Balcony appearance

We understand that not all OETA viewers are interested in the Royal Wedding. (Those who aren't interested probably won't get far enough into this blog post to read this.) And we know there are far more important issues facing us right now, namely the death and destruction caused by this week's outbreak of tornados. However, please understand that there is also a large number of viewers who ARE interested in this historic event. We are excited to be able to bring it to those viewers (commercial free!). 

I raise my tea cup to everyone out there who will be watching the fairy tale wedding with me! Cheers!