Programming Notes for Mid-April

Written by Holly on Friday April 15, 2011

tvSetA few notes about the next few days on OETA... 

Saturday, April 16
2pm    NOVA “Bible’s Buried Secrets” – This is a two-hour episode, which will preempt the usual weekend repeats of NATURE. 

8pm    EDWARD AND WALLIS, A ROYAL LOVE STORY – Prince Edward believed he could use the power and majesty of the throne to pursue his obsession with his twice-divorced American mistress, Wallis Simpson. This documentary recounts the familiar tale from a fascinating new perspective, exploring warning signs that were evident in Edward from an early age that ultimately led to years of scandal and controversy in the 20th century British monarchy. This documentary will air again 4/25 at 8pm.

Sunday, April 17
10am   NOVA “Bible’s Buried Secrets” – This is a two-hour episode, which will preempt the usual weekend repeats of NATURE.

1:30pm    INSIDE E STREET – Season Two premiere -- Looks at the latest developments around the country affecting economic security, health care, job security, civil rights, and retirement. Featuring lively discussions from experts and insiders. SECOND OPINION will return when they release their next new season.

9pm    FORGIVENESS – A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO HATE (Part 1 of 2) -- Examines the concept of forgiveness as it relates to religious belief, personal conduct and society.

ARE YOU BEING SERVED? – Preempted tonight and next Sunday due to the length of the 9pm program from PBS. It will return to its regular time on Sunday May 1st.

Monday, April 18
10am   OKLAHOMA PASSAGE – The entire series will air this week, from 10am to 11am Monday through Friday.

8pm    AMERICAN MASTERS “John Miur in the New World” -- A century after his death, John Muir is remembered as the father of the environmental movement. Just one of many "Earth Day" themed programs airing this week.

9:30pm   GAMES OF THE NORTH -- Follows modern Inuit athletes and they compete in ancestral Inuit sports in the unforgiving Arctic.

Tuesday, April 19
7pm    BLACK IN LATIN AMERICA -- Four-part series on the influence of African descent on Latin America, the latest production from renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

8pm    FRONTLINE “The Silence” – Looks at the decades of abuse of Native Americans by priests and church workers in Alaska. Also in this hour, a re-airing of "Flying Cheaper," an investigation into the outsourcing of major airline repair work to lower-cost independent maintenance operations in the U.S. and abroad. (Tonight’s episode was originally supposed to be “Educating Sergeant Pantzke,” but was changed by the producers just this last week. Some papers and listings sources might still have the old information.)

9:30pm    INDEPENDENT LENS “Wasteland” -- Brazilian artist Vik Muniz creates portraits of people using found materials from the places where they live and work. His Sugar Children series portrays the deprived children of Caribbean plantation workers using the sugar their parents harvest. We meet Muniz as he embarks on his next project, inspired by the trash pickers at the largest landfill on earth.