BBC News

Written by Holly on Tuesday March 29, 2011

Delivering the latest global newsIt has just come to our attention that the cable channel BBC America has announced it will no longer have news reports. They consider themselves now purely an entertainment channel. They are telling their viewers who want news from the BBC that they’ll have to watch their local PBS stations.

Aren't you glad OETA is carrying the BBC news programs on our OKLA channel?! And it's free! No cable bill required. 

BBC WORLD NEWS airs on OKLA weekdays at 6am. It delivers the latest global news, including up-to-date news, interviews, analysis, business reports and world sports news.

BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA airs on OKLA weekdays at 4:30pm. This program delivers coverage and analysis of international events and issues with a fresh perspective, connecting the dots between the United States and the world. Matt Frei and Katty Kay serve as series anchors. 

BBC NEWSNIGHT airs on OKLA Sunday evenings at 7:30pm and is a weekly round-up of news and current affairs, offering in-depth analysis of complex global issues, interviews with global opinion leaders and documentaries from all over the world. Presenters include: Jeremy Paxman, Kirsty Wark, Gavin Esler and Emily Maitlis.

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