Where Is My Regular Friday Night Program?

Written by Holly on Friday March 4, 2011

You have questions! I have answers... 

needtoknow1Where is NEED TO KNOW? -- The program is being preempted for the next three Fridays during Festival 2011. It will return on Friday March 25 at the usual time. You can see the latest NEED TO KNOW episode by setting your DVR/VCR to catch it on Sunday mornings from 3:30am to 4:30am. You can see most videos online on the program's website.

ebert3Where is EBERT PRESENTS AT THE MOVIES? -- This series will return to its usual time period following Festival 2011. Until then, you can see it on Sunday mornings at 6:30am. 

redgreenWhere is THE RED GREEN SHOW? -- We are not airing any RED GREEN episodes during the pledge drive. We'll pick up where we left off on Friday March 25 at 10pm with "The Drive-Thru." A truck full of burgers flips over and turns the Lodge into a Drive Thru. 

doctorwhologoWhere is DOCTOR WHO? -- We've left you with a cliffhanger, haven't we? Part One of "End of Time" aired last Friday, and this Friday we're showing Roy Orbison at the usual DOCTOR WHO time. You'll get t see Part Two on Friday March 25th, and then we begin DOCTOR WHO SERIES 5 starting Friday April 1.