"Masterpiece Classic" is Back!

Written by Holly on Saturday January 8, 2011

classicIf you're a hard core fan of MASTERPIECE THEATRE and MYSTERY! (and many of you are), you'll remember that just four years ago, the two series were completely separate. They aired in the same time slot but at different times of the year. They were packaged differently, with unique opening graphics, theme music and closing credits.  

Then, three years ago this month, the two combined under one title: MASTERPIECE. Under this title, there are three genres: CLASSIC, MYSTERY and CONTEMPORARY. We begin the year with CLASSIC dramas. Later in the spring, we start to see the tales of MYSTERY. And later in the year, we are intrigued by the modern dramas known as CONTEMPORARY.

According the feedback we've received from our viewers and the occasional morsel of ratings information we've been able to acquire, CLASSIC is the favorite MASTERPIECE genre of Oklahomans. That's why I'm excited to say that starting this Sunday, January 9th, CLASSIC is back!

MAST_Downton_Abbey_Ep_Main“Downton Abbey” is our first classic tale of the year. We'll meet the noble Crawley family and the staff who serve them at their Edwardian country house in 1912. 

In February, MASTERPIECE CLASSIC presents "Any Human Heart" about a man who is a writer, a lover, a prisoner of war and eventually a spy. It is followed by an updated version of "Upstairs Downstairs." The CLASSIC season ends with "South Riding," a three-part love story with a panoramic portrait of a Yorkshire community in the 1930s.

If you miss an episode of MASTERPIECE CLASSIC, there are several ways to catch up. 

-- The episode always repeats around midnight on Sunday night, but many times the first few minutes are preempted by Britcoms.

-- The episode usually repeats Tuesday mornings at 2am and 5am.

-- We rebroadcast most primetime programming 24 hours later on the OKLA channel. This means you can see MASTERPIECE Monday nights at 8pm.

-- Saturday night after the OETA Movie Club, we always try to show the most recent episode of MASTERPIECE. The start time varies, but it's always just minutes after the end of the movie.

-- The last option isn't easy for everyone, but it's becoming more and more popular. Most MASTERPIECE episodes can be seen on the MASTERPIECE website just days after they air on OETA. They're available only for a few days or weeks, so try to catch them as soon as you can.