"Doctor Who" Marathon on OKLA

Written by Holly on Thursday December 30, 2010

Stolen_EarthCan't get enough DOCTOR WHO? Then clear your calendar for New Year's Day because you'll be eating your black-eyed peas in front of the TV this year.  

Starting at 12 Noon on Saturday on OKLA, we will begin airing every DOCTOR WHO episode we have in our library. They'll run back-to-back with only a legal ID in between each. (Yeah, no bathroom breaks.) We needed to finish the marathon before 5am on Sunday morning for the children's programming on time, and it just so happens that the marathon times out almost perfectly.

Because the lengths of the episodes vary, the start times will also vary. This might not affect you at all, but I wanted to point it out because it's not something we're used to in the TV world. Everything usually starts at the top or bottom of the hour.

The marathon begins with "Voyage of the Damned," the Christmas episode from 2007. Then we'll air all of the episodes from Series 4. The last five episodes are the "specials" released from Christmas 2008 to Christmas 2009, the last of the David Tennant episodes.

For more information about the individual episodes and their start times, take a look at the OKLA tab on the Schedules page

We anticipate being able to purchase Series 5 with Matt Smith in the spring of 2011. Don't hold me to it, but I hope to start them in April or May. (fingers crossed!)