Last of the Summer Wine

Written by Holly on Thursday November 25, 2010

LOSW2Yes! The day has finally come! We finally have *new* LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE episodes for our loyal Britcom fans!

You've been telling us for years there are new episodes out there. And we believed you!! But we couldn't get the broadcast rights. Well, now we have them, and they'll begin airing tonight... 

"The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson"
 An old friend, Doggy (Eric Sykes), is getting re-married and invites Clegg (Peter Sallis), Truly (Frank Thornton), Alvin (Brian Murphy), Entwistle (Burt Kwouk) and Howard (Robert Fyfe) to his stag night at a local inn. At 82, for Doggy it’s more a ‘stag afternoon’ to celebrate his last day of freedom. Doggy is disappointed that this stag night is less fun than his last, and to make matters worse, he just can’t remember the name of his bride to be. When he gets into a singing mode, he falls from a table and has to be wheeled home in a handcart - but manages to kiss a policeman (Ken Kitson) on the way. Pearl is suspicious of Howard’s whereabouts, and goes to the Inn where, unfortunately, Truly has arranged for Marina (Jean Fergusson) to be a Strip-o-gram girl for Doggy’s stag night.

Seasons 29 through 32 will air Monday through Thursday from now until sometime in March of next year. At that point, we'll start over again and air all of the LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE episodes in chronological order. 

The chronological order will be interrupted the week of Christmas so that we can air special holiday episodes.

On this Thanksgiving evening, I want to give a big THANK YOU to our Members who've contributed money to OETA for the purchase of these programs and many others. Without our Members, there would be no LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE or VICAR OF DIBLEY or FAWLTY TOWERS or DOCTOR WHO or AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN or RED GREEN SHOW or OETA MOVIE CLUB... I could go on and on, but you get the idea. You can become a Member and take some of the credit for OETA airing these programs by clicking here