Choctaw Code Talkers

Written by Holly on Tuesday November 16, 2010

choctawI'll be honest. I'm not much of a history buff. But I've always been fascinated by this story...

It was 1918. The world was at war. German Forces were continuing to decipher the Allied Forces’ radio codes. They'd tapped into phone lines and captured messenger runners. They anticipated many of the Allied movements and strategies.

Allied Forces were desperate to find a way to communicate without the enemy eavesdropping. They approached Choctaw soldiers, who were serving as part of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, and asked them to use their native language to transmit messages. These brave men weren't even considered American citizens yet, but there they were... fighting on the battlefields and in the trenches, using a weapon that only they possessed... changing the course of world history. 

The Navajo Code Talkers got more press in later years for their code talking efforts in WWII, but it was the handful of brave and patriotic Choctaw soldiers who laid the foundation for all future battlefield code talkers. 

The new documentary CHOCTAW CODE TALKERS tells the whole story, with riveting historical reenactments, photographs and interviews from Choctaw leaders and historians. It airs Wednesday, November 17th at 10pm on OETA. Here's a clip...