To Our Veterans

Written by Holly on Wednesday November 10, 2010

veteransday"On Veterans Day, we come together to pay tribute to the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. Americans across this land commemorate the patriots who have risked their lives to preserve the liberty of our Nation, the families who support them, and the heroes no longer with us. It is not our weapons or our technology that make us the most advanced military in the world; it is the unparalleled spirit, skill, and devotion of our troops. As we honor our veterans with ceremonies on this day, let our actions strengthen the bond between a Nation and her warriors."   

 -- President Barack Obama


OETA is dedicating much of our programming this week to our servicemen and women. The following is just a portion of the programs airing in honor of them. 

OETA HD (Main)

Oklahoma News Report -- Will include a look at efforts to address the growing number of veterans who are homeless. (11/10 at 6:30pm)

Stateline "Mr. Military Mom" -- Follows two Oklahoma men taking care of their homes and kids while their wives are taking care of our country by serving overseas. (11/11 at 8:30pm) 

Mike Boettcher: On the Record -- Ponca City native and University of Oklahoma graduate Mike Boettcher has spent more than thirty years as a news correspondent for CNN, ABC and NBC. His work in the most recent years has been covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boettcher is currently working in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. (11/11 at 6:30pm)

Oklahoma Passage (1930-1990) -- The final installment of this series takes the fictional Benton family through World War II. Hannah’s brother Daniel joins the Oklahoma National Guard and, after training at Fort Sill, fights in Europe with the 45th Division, which General George Patton would later describe as “the best division in the history of American arms.” (11/12 at 10am)


Oklahoma World War II Stories -- Oklahoma sent more than 268,000 men to the battlefields of World War II. This documentary captures some of the stories of these soldiers in their own words. (11/10 at 3pm)

Voices of Oklahoma "Military" -- Dr. Bob Blackburn looks at the history of the military in Oklahoma. (11/11 at 2:30pm)

Stateline "My War" -- A compelling chronicle of Oklahoma Vietnam Veteran war experiences – in their own words. The stories include an Air Force helicopter crewman, an infantry soldier and a Navy nurse . (11/11 at 10am, 3pm)

Stateline "Red Threat" -- The program chronicles the service of Oklahomans in the second world war and the Korean conflict. It also examines the impact of wartime and post-war military operations in the state. (11/12 at 10am, 3pm)

When Families Grieve -- This program features several families coping with the death of a parent, especially one serving in the military. (11/12 at 8pm)

Medal of Honor -- Profiles America's greatest heroes, recipients of our country's highest honor for military service. (11/12 at 9pm)