Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Mystery!

Written by Holly on Friday October 22, 2010

SherlockBCI won't waste space trying to convince you to watch MASTERPIECE MYSTERY for the next three Sundays. If you've heard about the new Sherlock Holmes, you'll be there. If you haven't heard, you will soon and then you'll find a way to catch a repeat.

I'd rather use my time to tell you how to get even more out of the series.... 

  1. Twitter Party -- Watch the show live, share your thoughts with the twittersphere and tag your posts with #sherlock_pbs. You won't be alone. Here is more information about who will be joining you. 
  2. Live Chat -- There is a live chat in the works for the Monday nights following the premieres. You can chat with VIPs from the show. Check the Masterpiece website in the coming days for more information.
  3. Book & Film Club -- Meet people in real life who share a passion for Sherlock Holmes in print and film. Don't know where to find a club? Why not start one! Here is more information on how to do that. 

And now a little something to whet your appetite...