Down the Line...

Written by Holly on Thursday September 23, 2010

It's a little known fact that we work on the schedules two or three months in advance. We have to.

OETA isn't like the commercial TV stations who plug in to a satellite feed for most of the day. It takes many people doing complicated tasks to make sure we get all of the programming we need, ingested into the computers and scheduled into the system, with all the i's dotted and t's crossed. I won't bore you with the technical details, but trust me, it's not as easy as it looks. 

It may be in the upper 80s outside, but we're already thinking about winter. In fact, the programming committee met this morning to discuss the December schedule. Here's what's in the works... 

-- VICAR OF DIBLEY is coming back
-- A biography about Carol Burnett
-- Several versions of "The Nutcracker," including one from the San Francisco Ballet
-- OKC A to Z -- This is a local Jack Frank production similar to his TULSA A TO Z
-- Christmas episodes of the British comedies, children's shows and many other regular series
-- Ring in the new year with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
-- Marathons of several local series... and.... (drum roll, please).... a DOCTOR WHO marathon!

Keep watching the schedule, the website and your Odyssey newsletter for more information in the coming months!