Doctor Who "Specials"

Written by Holly on Friday September 3, 2010

NextDoctorLast Friday, we saw the end of Series 4 with "Journey's End."

Tonight, we begin the next phase of DOCTOR WHO... The "Specials" that make up the gap in time between Series 4, which premiered on BBC1 in the summer of July, and Series 5, which premiered on BBC1 just this last April. 

The first of the specials is from Christmas 2008 and is titled "The Next Doctor." 

The Doctor arrives in London on Christmas Eve 1851. When a woman in distress calls for him to help her, he arrives to find someone else answering her call and calling himself the doctor. The alternate Doctor seems to know more than he should, dresses like the real Doctor and even has a Tardis - though in his version, it's actually a hot air balloon. While The Doctor sorts out just who this impostor is and why they find themselves in the same time and place, Mercy Hartigan and the Cybermen are kidnapping children to work in building their weapon that will allow them to crown their King.

There are five specials in all. We'll air them in consecutive order for the next several weeks, but we won't have broadcast rights for Series 5 until next year. So, starting October 7th, we'll have to start over again with Series 4. 

If you're anything like my husband, you'll agree that these episodes are too good to watch just once. You'll want to see them a few times to soak up the story line, the wise cracks and the special effects. If you're like me, you'll want to watch them several times to understand what they're saying through those thick accents.