Doris Eaton on GALLERY

Written by Holly on Thursday May 13, 2010

DorisEatonTravis1922Doris Eaten Travis passed away earlier this week at the age of 106. She was a singer and dancer on Broadway and in film, but most recently she was known as the last surviving Ziegfeld girl.

Doris was the subject of a 2006 GALLERY episode, and we’d like to honor her by airing that episode tonight at 8pm on OETA.

Here is the description from the April 2006 premiere...

Once upon a time Doris Eaton was the youngest member of the famed Ziegfeld Follies taking the Broadway stage in 1918 when she was just 14. Today at 102 Doris Eaton Travis is the last one left, the last surviving Follies Girl. And she can still dance. She goes back to Broadway every year to perform at a benefit gala held the New Amsterdam Theatre, the same stage where she sang and danced decades ago. At one time four members of her family were starring on Broadway in different shows. When times changed and attention shifted from Broadway shows to movies Doris changed too and opened more than a dozen Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Michigan. The later when most people her age were retiring she moved to Oklahoma with her husband Paul and started a horse ranch. She went to college too and got a degree, with honors, from the University of Oklahoma at age 88. Now she’s written a book to honor her family’s history on Broadway. After 102 years old age is finally beginning to slow her down but you can still find Doris and her friends dancing at a club in Norman most every Friday night.