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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Programming Notes 11/25 to 12/03

Written by Holly on Friday November 25, 2011

Friday, Nov 25

7pm                  AMERICA IN PRIMETIME “Man of the House” -- No OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT tonight due to the holiday.


10pm                No RED GREEN tonight due to PBS ARTS. RED GREEN is not going away. It’s just hit or miss until the new year and then it should go back to the 10pm timeslot MOST Fridays.


Saturday, Nov 26

6pm                  AMERICA IN PRIMETIME “Independent Woman” -- No OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT tonight due to the holiday.

11pm                WOODY ALLEN: AMERICAN MASTERS – There wasn’t a MASTERPIECE fed by PBS this week, so we’re airing this in the MASTERPIECE timeslot instead. It will repeat itself until 6am Sunday morning.


Sunday, Nov 27

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Rural Mayors” – Discussion of life in Oklahoma's rural cities with the mayors of four small cities: Stan Sallee, Mayor of Collinsville… Garen Martens, Mayor of Fairview… Stephen Brinlee, Mayor of Wilburton… Alex Damon, Mayor of Cordell

9:30pm             PRESERVING OKLAHOMA HISTORY #102 -- To order a copy of this program call 405-848-8501 and mention this program by name and episode number 


Tuesday, Nov 29

8pm                  FRONTLINE “Flying Cheap” -- The crash of Continental 3407 in Buffalo, NY and major changes to the airline industry are examined.

9pm                  HERBERT HOOVER: LANDSLIDE -- A look at Hoover's presidency, the Great Depression and the lasting impact of his policy decisions.

10:30pm           DESTINY AT DAWN: LOSS AND VICTORY ON THE WASHITA -- DESTINY AT DAWN tells the dramatic and tragic story of Custer's 1868 pre-dawn attack on a sleeping Cheyenne village along the Washita River. The film's highlights are emotional and heartfelt interviews with Cheyenne descendents, along with a compelling re-enactment of the actual attack. This program airs often on OKLA. To purchase the video or related merchandise, go to the Western National Parks Association website store at www.wnpa.org.


Thursday, Dec 1

7pm                  BAND BEDLAM – Highlights the Oklahoma Pride marching band and the OSU Cowboy marching band. This repeats a few times in the near future. 

12/03 at 6:30am (Main)
12/02 at 8:30am and 4pm (OKLA)
12/03 at 1pm and 3:30pm (OKLA)
12/29 at 9:30am and 2:30pm (OKLA)

9pm                 FIRST AND FEMALE -- n 2010, Oklahoma elected it's first female governor from the two outstanding women representing their parties. First & Female uses this occasion to explore the women in Oklahoma history like Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller and Civil Rights leader Clara Luper who have paved the way. And, it offers solutions for empowering women to become more involved in politics. This will repeat on OKLA in January.

9:30pm             INDEPENDENT LENS “Art and Copy” -- Reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time.

Programming Notes 11/18 to Thanksgiving

Written by Holly on Thursday November 17, 2011

Friday, Nov 18

7pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT -- Until a couple of weeks ago, few people had heard of the Wilzetta fault line.  Now, it provides clues to the science behind earthquakes… Health officials are warning of an epidemic of diabetes among Oklahomans of all ages… While much of the country is still feeling the effects of the recession, Oklahoma’s economy is gaining momentum… The Thanksgiving bird is more than a meal for an Oklahoma man obsessed with the pursuit and history of wild turkeys.


Saturday, Nov 19

8pm                  OKLAHOMA HALL OF FAME 2011 – The 2011 Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductees are: Tommy Franks, Harold Hamm, Marques Haynes, Cathy Keating, Steve Malcolm, Roger Miller and Elisabeth Warren. This program will repeat on OKLA on the following dates/times: 11/20 at 5pm, 11/29 at 2pm and 12/30 at 2pm.


Sunday, Nov 20

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Oklahoma Community Colleges” – Discussion of Oklahoma’s two-year community colleges with guests: Gary Davidson, Executive Director, Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges… Dr. Stephen E. Smith, President, Eastern Oklahoma State College… Dr. Terry Britton, President, Rose State College

 3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Prescription Addiction - Rehab - Sean Sutton discusses prescription drug abuse that cuts across boundaries of age and economic classes to take over lives... Prescription Addiction - Prison - Prescription addiction impacts prisons… Pharmacy Danger - The controversy surrounding the shooting of a 16-year-old robbery suspect at an Oklahoma City pharmacy last year points toward a disturbing trend - pharmacy robberies… Pharming - Prescription drug abuse is so prevalent among young people today that a new term has been coined… Prison Redemption - Two inmates, in prison for drug abuse issues, discuss the long road to redemption.

8pm                  WOODY ALLEN: AMERICAN MASTERS – This is a two-parter, airing Sunday and Monday nights at 8pm. PBS is not feeding an episode of MASTERPIECE this evening. A repeat of the “Downton Abbey” series will begin airing in December and the new season will begin on January 8th.


Monday, Nov 21

9:30pm             GEORGE CARLIN: THE MARK TWAIN PRIZE – This is a repeat from a couple of years ago, but it’s a classic. I assure you, no FCC regulations were violated in this program.


Tuesday, Nov 22

8pm                  FRONTLINE “A Perfect Terrorist” -- The master plotter of the 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai, David Coleman Headley, is investigated.

10:30pm           TREASURES OF THE GILCREASE #101 “Charles Russell” – For more information about this program or to order the video,  contact the Gilcrease museum shop at 918-596-2725.

 9am on OKLA – Today is a Japanese holiday, so NEWSLINE will be an evergreen episode. A “recorded earlier” graphic will appear.


Wednesday, Nov 23

We’re airing several CURIOUS GEORGE specials over the next three days. This may seem like too much CURIOUS GEORGE for some of you, but others might not be able to get enough! If you miss one or all of them, they will air again around Christmas.

1pm                  IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE “Country Music” – This will repeat on at midnight and Friday morning at 3am. (And on OKLA on Thursday at 7pm.) It is not scheduled to air again anytime soon.

9pm                  NOVA “Elegant Universe” – This is Part 3 in a 3-part series. Last week was originally supposed to be Part 1, but it was moved to this week so that we could show the Steve Jobs biography.


Thursday, Nov 24 – Happy Thanksgiving!

7pm                  STATE OF CREATIVITY #302 “Science of Composing” -- Our Emmy Award-winning program!

7:30pm             EXPRESSIONS OF GRATITUDE – Beautiful Thanksgiving music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

9pm                  AUSTIN CITY LIMITS PRESENTS: AMERICANA MUSIC FESTIVAL – This program presents highlights from the annual Americana Music Awards ceremony taped at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and includes performances by Lucinda Williams, Gregg Allman and Robert Plant. The regular ACL program airs on OKLA on Saturday nights. The timeslot is a little unpredictable right now, but we try to air it between 10pm and midnight. Starting in January, it should consistently be at 10pm on OKLA on Saturday nights.

Emergency Testing

Written by Holly on Monday November 7, 2011

Color_Bars_1024x768The National EAS (Emergency Alert System) will be conducting a test this Wednesday, November 9th at 1pm local time.

This will be the first nationwide test.  We always participate in the state-level monthly tests but no review of the entire system has ever been conducted until now.

So that this doesn't come as a complete surprise, we're airing a 15-second public service announcement to let viewers know the test is coming. The announcement states there will be a test and that no one should be alarmed because... you guessed it... it's only a test. 

Antiques Roadshow "Tulsa" Episodes

Written by Holly on Wednesday October 19, 2011

ARS_014aThe wait is over! We are pleased to announce the airdates of the three ANTIQUES ROADSHOW episodes taped in Tulsa. They will as follows:  

  • January 2, 2012 at 7pm #1601 "Tulsa, Hour 1"
  • January 9, 2012 at 7pm #1602 "Tulsa, Hour 2"
  • January 16, 2012 at 7pm #1603 "Tulsa, Hour 3"

No word yet on which items will appear in these episodes.

(This photo is one I had taken with Wes Cowan, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraiser and co-host of HISTORY DETECTIVES, when the production crew was in Tulsa. I've been looking for an excuse to show it off. He is such a nice guy!)

Programming Notes 9/30 to 10/06

Written by Holly on Friday September 30, 2011

Friday, Sept 30

7pm                  ONR -- Months after a deadly tornado struck an Oklahoma town, another disaster is confronting many of the victims…We examine the physician discipline process and find that prescription drug abuse is one of the biggest problems dragging down Oklahoma doctors…Postal workers are rallying to save jobs and the federal government’s mail service…Autumn nights and the gridiron bring communities together to experience “Oklahoma Life”… A small southwest Oklahoma town has a unique claim to fame… And, Charley Newcomb with Oklahoma Stories.

9pm                  GREAT PERFORMANCES “Hugh Laurie” – Yes, Dr. House sings! If you miss this tonight, you can catch it again on New Year’s Eve.


Saturday, Oct 1

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP pulls a soil core to illustrate drought impact on soil moisture. Plus, the yearly rainfall report, breeding soundness exams for bulls, grain market analysis, scrap metal recycling, drought impact on trees, Eastern Red Cedar utilization, and 4-H and FFA competition at the 2011 Tulsa State Fair.

10:30am            COOK’S COUNTRY – The new season begins today!


Sunday, Oct 2

8am                  OUTDOOR OKLAHOMA -- Todd Craighead and Lance Meek host this weeks show talking about the Wildlife Department's hunter education program.  On this weeks episode we join Ryan Ekret, a self-bow hunter that makes his own bows, arrows and arrowheads on a deer hunt in northeast Oklahoma.

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Future of Water” – Discussion of the 2012 Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan Update and other water-related issues with guests: State Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, Co-Chair of Joint Legislative.. Water Committee... Pennie Embry, Media Coordinator, Oklahomans for Responsible Water Policy…M. Scott Carter, Reporter, The Journal Record

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Sierra Leone - Bearing the scars of terrible violence, today's Sierra Leone is a land of peace, offering abundant resources in a beautiful country on the East coast of Africa... Sierra Leone Orphanage - While the civil war in Sierra Leone left more than 50,000 dead, it also orphaned more than 300,000 children who find that life isn't easy, but it is much better than the prospects of life on the street... OSU Student Project - Oklahoma State University student efforts to develop a farm to help feed the orphans were slowed as a result of years of conflict that destroyed Sierra Leone, creating years of mistrust between factions… Sierra Leone Roundtables - OSU students react to the trip to Africa and trip leaders discuss working in the developing world and the benefits of making such journeys.


For the next three nights, PBS stations around the country are airing PROHIBITION, the latest Ken Burns documentary. Each episode will air twice.

7pm & 9pm       PROHIBITION #101 “A Nation of Drunkards” – NATURE and MASTERPIECE will return next week.



Monday, Oct 3

7pm & 9pm       PROHIBITION #102 “A Nation of Scofflaws” – ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and WRITING OUT LOUD will return next week.


Tuesday, Oct 4

7pm & 9pm       PROHIBITION #103 “A Nation of Hypocrites” – HISTORY DETECTIVES and FRONTLINE will return next week.


Wednesday, Oct 5

10pm                GLOBE TREKKER – Tonight is the first night in the new time period. PBS has changed their feeds of some of the core PBS programs, so we’re having to make adjustments with our non-PBS programs like GLOBE TREKKER. Until the end of the year, GLOBE TREKKER can be seen here on Wednesdays at 10pm and again the following Sunday at 6pm.


Thursday, Oct 6 

7pm                  STATELINE “Saving Yesterday” #1302 – Efforts being made or planned to save state landmarks (PREMIERE)

7:30pm             GALLERY #1103 – Wade Hayes / Banjo Museum

8pm                  THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR – We didn’t air the final episode of the 900s because PBS is feeding the new season tonight and we didn’t want to miss the first episode of the 1000s.

9pm                  BE A FAN: SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2011 – For more information, contact the producer, Ann-Janette Webster at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This will air many more times on OKLA, starting 11/15 at 9:30am.

10pm                AUSTIN CITY LIMITS – This is the final night that ACL will air on Thursday nights on our main OETA channel. It has already began airing on OKLA on Saturday nights and, starting next week, can only be seen there. This change is due mostly to PBS’s change of the national schedule and satellite feeds. INDEPENDENT LENS and POV will be sharing the former ACL time period starting next week.