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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Programming Notes 4/20 to 4/26

Written by Holly on Friday April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20

7pm                   ONR -- An overabundance of natural gas is pushing prices down, creating economic uncertainty for producers with little prospect of a quick recovery… Making Oklahoma a little more “green” in some ways you might not expect… We’ll take you to a company in Shawnee to find out why it’s been a success for more than 100 years… Travelling Highway 9 through “Tornado Alley” leads to the country’s center for storm prediction… Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business… Shawn Ashley of eCapitol brings us the latest news @ the Capitol… And, remembering the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, 17 years after the deadly attack.

9pm                  SWITCHBACK – THE CELTIC SESSIONS -- A live concert featuring both original and traditional Celtic music performed in an exciting style.


Saturday, April 21

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP shows producers how to identify armyworms in wheat, and explains treatment options and potential yield loss. Plus, storm damage, soil compaction assessment, cow-calf industry trends, grain market analysis, Oklahoma Prescribed Fire Council, composting and rainwater harvesting.


Sunday, April 22

8:30am             TRACKS AHEAD – Premiere of the new season!

1pm                  OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Fallin For Business” – Discussion of the results of a new business climate survey (FallinForBusiness.com) and the impact of the survey on state economic development and policy priorities with guests: Dave Lopez, Secretary of Commerce and Tourism and Chris Wright, Ph.D., CEO, Reliant

 8pm                  MASTERPIECE “Birdsong, Pt.1” -- This is an adaptation of Sebastian Faulk's best-selling novel about lovers torn apart by World War I. Eddie Redmayne (The Pillars of the Earth) plays Stephen Wrayford, whose pre-war affair with Isabelle Azaire (Clemence Poesy, Harry Potter) has an enduring effect on him as he fights in the trenches. The saga concludes next week with Part Two.

9:30pm             FOUND CAUSES #101 “Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans & Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption Services” -- Found Causes features people who serve the community by actively getting involved in the lives of people in crisis. They participate in nonprofit charities that have a proven record of providing effective support. Each episode gives an in-depth look at two different charities and the solutions they are providing. We also hear from the people whose lives have been changed by the generosity of others. You will witness real people telling their story in their own words. This series will air in different time periods, at least one episode per month, through the end of this year. It will repeat regularly on OKLA.


Tuesday, April 24

8pm                  FRONTLINE “Money, Power and Wall Street” -- In a special four-hour investigation, FRONTLINE tells the inside story of the origins of the financial meltdown and the battle to save the global economy. Over two consecutive weeks, the films explore key decisions, missed opportunities and the unprecedented moves by the government and banking leaders that have affected the fortunes of millions of people.

In Hour 1, FRONTLINE tells the epic story of the rise of modern finance. A revolution in banking begins at a luxury hotel in Boca Raton, FL, where a rowdy team from J. P. Morgan invents a new marketplace for trading risk. Correspondent Martin Smith (College, Inc., The Madoff Affair) interviews leading bankers, officials and journalists to explain how financial engineering on Wall Street brought the global economy to its knees - and the reverberations are still being felt along Main Street. Immediately following, in Hour 2, FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk (Inside the Meldown, The Warning) investigates how the country's leaders failed to prevent an oncoming crisis and ended up initiating the largest government bailout in history. Told by participants from Washington and Wall Street, the story includes inside accounts from the campaign of presidential candidate Barack Obama. By the time of his election Obama is thoroughly up to speed on the disaster, but the question remains - what can he do once he takes office? (Hours 3 and 4 will air next week in this time period.)

10pm                ROLL CALL #119 -- Rep. Charles Key (R) from District 90 in Oklahoma City… Sen. Harry Coates (R) from District 28, which covers parts of Seminole, Lincoln, Pottawatomie, and Oklahoma counties… Rep. Purcy Walker (D) from District 60 covering parts of Beckham, Ellis Greer, Harmon, and Roger Mills counties in Southwestern Oklahoma.


Wednesday, April 25

8pm                  NOVA “Secrets of the Sun” -- It contains 99.9 percent of all the matter in our solar system and sheds hot plasma at nearly a million miles an hour. The temperature at its core is a staggering 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. It convulses, it blazes, it sings. You know it as the sun. Scientists know it as one of the most amazing physics laboratories in the universe. Now, with the help of new spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes, scientists are seeing the Sun as they never have before and even re-creating what happens at the very center of the Sun in labs here on Earth. Their work will help us understand aspects of the sun that have puzzled scientists for decades. But more critically, it may help us predict and track solar storms that have the power to zap our power grid, shut down telecommunications, and ground global air travel for days, weeks, or even longer.

9pm                  AMERICA REVEALED “Electric Nation” -- Our modern electric power grid has been called the biggest and most complex machine in the world - delivering electricity over 200,000 miles of high-tension transmission lines. Travel around the country with host Yul Kwon to understand its intricacies, its vulnerabilities and the remarkable ingenuity required to keep the electricity on, every day of the year. At New York State's governing grid control room, learn how a massive blackout cut power to 40 million Americans; to understand how we can protect against this type of colossal failure, join a team who makes daring repairs from the side of a helicopter in flight. Visit the country's largest coal mine, rappel down the side of a wind turbine, take a rare tour of a nuclear plant and travel on a massive tanker - as Kwon reflects on the challenges and opportunities to keep the power flowing.


Thursday, April 26

7pm                  ASK A LAWYER – A lot of information can be found here.

8pm                  THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR – We recorded the episodes of THIS OLD HOUSE that fed during the pledge drive so that you wouldn’t miss any of the new episodes. Now, all of the 10th season has aired. We’re going to join the regular PBS feed, already in progress, which means we’re starting with episode #1004 instead of #1001. For technical reasons, we need to do it this way. Episodes #1001-1003 are repeats and we hope you had the chance to view them when they first aired last year.

10pm                INDEPENDENT LENS “Facing the Storm: The Story of the American Bison” -- Bison have had a rich and complex relationship with the people of North America. From the first Americans who relied on bison for food, shelter and clothing to modern wildlife conservationists who are struggling to re-establish a place for bison in the Great Plains, this program introduces viewers to a rich history of human sustenance,exploitation, conservation and spiritual relations with the ultimate icon of wild America. (This will air regularly on OKLA, starting Sunday 4/29 at 1:30pm and Monday 4/30 at 10am.)


Programming Notes 3/30 to 4/05

Written by Holly on Friday March 30, 2012

 Friday, March 30

9pm                  LIVE FROM THE ARTISTS DEN “Adele” – Just days after the release of her record-breaking sophomore album, "21," British sensation Adele performed for a small group of lucky fans at the Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club in Santa Monica, CA. Her powerful voice filled the elegant ballroom with hits like "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You" from "21," and "Chasing Pavements" from her Grammy-winning debut album, "19," as well as a cover of the soul classic "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." Recorded February 25, 2011, Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club, Santa Monica, CA.

Saturday, March 31

5am                  GREAT PERFORMANCES "The Thomashefskys: Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theater" -- Michael Tilson Thomas explores the American Yiddish theater though the lives of his grandparents.

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP has a progress report on wheat and canola, and crop insect and disease treatments. Plus, Mesonet weather and late freeze information, grain and cattle market analysis, Eastern Oklahoma Beef Cattle Summit featuring drought recovery, freemartin heifers, clecos to clamp metal and the 2012 DASNR Champions.

 11:30am            P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME – This premiered last Saturday, but it’s worth mentioning again… All episodes of VICTORY GARDEN have been repeats for quite a while, so we’re putting this series on hiatus. We’ve received lots of requests to air P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME and we’re excited to able to bring it to OETA viewers.


Sunday, April 1

5am                  AUSTIN CITY LIMITS can now be seen in this timeslot in high definition. It is the episode that PBS fed to us on Saturday night.

7:30am             ROUGH CUT-WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC -- This premiered last Sunday, but it’s worth mentioning again…  WOODWRIGHT’S SHOP is going on hiatus for a while so that we can bring you a highly-requested similar program, ROUGH CUT-WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC, which we’ve received lots of requests to air from viewers.

8:30am             ALL ABOARD – This is a three-part series about trains. We aired all of THE AVIATORS episodes. They’re repeating on OKLA if you want to see them all again. We’ll air more of THE AVIATORS on our Main channel when new episodes are released. Following the three episodes of ALL ABOARD, we’ll air the new season of TRACKS AHEAD.

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court“ – Discussion of the constitutionality of the federal Affordable Care Act and the arguments presented at the U.S. Supreme Court with guests: Rick Tepker, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Scholarship and Enrichment, University of Oklahoma College of Law… Andrew C. Spiropoulos, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for the Study of State Constitutional Law and Government, Oklahoma City University School of Law

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- The Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program… Scotland - From historic castles to rugged landscapes, Scotland is a small country with big character and people proud of their heritage that spans thousands of years… Diversity in Ag - Farmers in Ireland are learning that diversification is key to the survival of the family farm… Irish Tourism - From ancient castles to the Irish nightlife, tourism is important to Ireland… Irish Ag - How does a wet climate factor into Ireland's agricultural diversity?

8pm                  MASTERPIECE CLASSIC “Great Expectations” – This is a two-parter. The first part is only one-hour in length. Next week will be two hours in length. Widely considered one of Charles Dickens' greatest novels, "Great Expectations" tells the story of Pip the battered orphan boy, who rises from blacksmith's apprentice to gentleman under the patronage of a mysterious benefactor, who assures him of "great expectations." Starring Gillian Anderson, David Suchet and Ray Winstone.


Monday, April 2

8pm                  AMERICAN MASTERS “Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel” -- Discover the Pulitzer Prize-winning author behind the bestselling novel "Gone With the Wind."

9pm                  AMERICAN MASTERS “Harper Lee: Hey Boo” – Explore the phenomenon behind To Kill a Mockingbird and the mysterious life of its author.


Tuesday, April 3

10pm                ROLL CALL #102 -- Guests include: Representative Randy McDaniel; Representative Gary Banz; Representative Ed Cannaday

10:30pm           TREASURES OF THE GILCREASE “To Capture the Sun: Gold of Ancient Panama” -- Narrated by Jeanne Tripplehorn, this documentary explores the shimmering beauty of the Gilcrease collection of ancient Panamanian gold. More than 100 extraordinary objects tell the story of a culture where possessing and wearing gold conferred power and status - with fascinating parallels to our own times. Produced in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name and as part of theTreasures of Gilcrease series on OETA. If you'd like more information or a video, contact the Gilcrease museum shop at 918-596-2725.


Wednesday, April 4

7pm                  THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS #2501 -- First episode of the new season. This program will air LIVE every Wednesday at 7pm through May 16th. The PBS programs that feed at 7pm Wednesday nights will be shifted down to 10pm.  

8pm                  NOVA “Hunting the Elements” – In this special two-hour episode, David Pogue, lively host of NOVA's popular "Making Stuff" series and personal technology correspondent for "The New York Times," spins viewers through the world of weird, extreme chemistry on a quest to unlock the secrets of the elements. Because this is two hours, it won’t repeat on the weekend like other NOVAs do.

10pm                NATURE “Ocean’s Giants: Deep Thinkers” – For the next month and a half, NATURE will premiere at 10pm on Wednesdays. It will continue to repeat most Saturdays at 2pm and Sundays at 10am.


Thursday, April 5 

7pm                  STATELINE #1304 “Path to a Paycheck” – Educators and employers all over the world are aware of a fact that very few Oklahomans would ever suspect. Our state's career tech system is one of the best in the world. Every year delegations from foreign countries and from other states visit Oklahoma to tour the campuses and unlock the secret to our state's success. An instructor at Francis Tuttle in Oklahoma City says "It's not your Daddy's Vo-Tech!" Today, it is a comprehensive system that significantly contributes to the states' economic development and quality of life. OETA's award winning documentary series Stateline explores vocational training opportunities and looks into the lives of Oklahoma students who say college wasn't a fit for them and so they have chosen a different "Path to a Paycheck."

7:30pm             GALLERY #501 -- Billie Letts -- The Oklahoma author rocketed to literary stardom with her first novel, "Where The Heart Is." It was selected by talk show host Oprah Winfrey to be one of her books of the month. The compelling story of a young girl trying to cope with troubles also became a major motion picture starring Ashley Judd. Billie's latest book will be in stores this month. We'll talk to her about her Oklahoma roots and what it takes to become a best selling teller of tales… Etruscan Treasures -- Shawnee's Mabee-Gerrer Museum is hosting a fabulous collection of ancient gold. The collection has NEVER been seen in public anywhere in the world. The jewelry is 25-hundred to 3-thousand years old. How did it end up in Shawnee instead of Paris, London or New York? We'll tell you… Guitar Man -- Oklahoma City's Carol Cox has a way with guitars. He's been playing them and making them for years. The guitars Carol makes aren't just musical instruments they are works of art. We'll show you how Carol turns a chunk of wood into a wooden wonder with strings.

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” – A look at how puppeteer Kevin Clash followed his dream to be a part of Jim Henson's team. This will repeat next Monday (April 9th) at 8pm.

Programming Notes 3/23 to 3/30

Written by Holly on Friday March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23

7pm                   ONR -- President Obama visits Oklahoma to promote a key part of his “all-of-the-above” energy strategy… We’ll discuss the President’s plan with an energy expert in our Newsmaker Interview… Oklahoma’s Quality Jobs program has been touted as one of the strongest incentives for creating new jobs, but it faces an uncertain future… People with concealed weapons permits may soon be allowed to openly carry guns. Oklahoma lawmen generally think that’s a bad idea… Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business… New laws make it on the books every year, but a few may not stay there… Lack of state funding may put the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum project in jeopardy… And, Shawn Ashley of eCapitol brings us the latest news @ the Capitol.

10pm                RED GREEN – No episodes were skipped. We’re picking up where we left off.

10:30pm           DOCTOR WHO – No episodes were skipped. We’re picking up where we left off.

11:15pm           B-52s WITH THE WILD CROWD LIVE IN ATHENS, GA – Since we didn’t have a movie last Saturday, we’re putting a fun music program in this timeslot instead. Enjoy!


Saturday, March 24

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP looks at Oklahoma's poultry industry and how expansion of the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement could impact production. Plus, rainfall totals, heifer body condition, agriculture lease agreements, grain markets, concrete reinforcement and beaver damage in timber production and water sources.

11:30am            P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME -- All episodes of VICTORY GARDEN have been repeats for quite a while, so we’re putting this series on hiatus. We’ve received lots of requests to air this series and we’re excited to able to bring it to OETA viewers.

10:55pm           MASTERPIECE CLASSIC “Oliver Twist, Pt. 1” – Parts 1 and 2 fed during the pledge drive. They are repeats from 2009, but still a good series. Part 2 will air next week. (“Little Dorrit” was being fed by PBS and some people might hear about it. We were not able to record all of the episodes of that, so we’re airing “Oliver Twist” instead. “Little Dorrit” already aired twice on OETA, so hopefully viewers were able to catch it then.)


Sunday, March 25

7:30am             ROUGH CUT-WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC -- WOODWRIGHT’S SHOP is going on hiatus for a while so that we can bring you this highly-requested similar program, which we’ve received lots of requests to air from viewers.

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Capitol Reporters Roundtable” – Discussion of the latest developments from the legislative session with guests: Michael McNutt, The Oklahoman and NewsOK… M. Scott Carter, The Journal Record… Erin Boeckman, eCapitol

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Business Development - Experts discuss how jobs are attracted into the state, creating jobs… Business Solutions - Rob Gragg, director of the regional development team with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce heads up the group that works with companies and site selectors for job creation… Local Chamber Perspective - Stillwater Chamber of Commerce CEO Lisa Navrkal discusses local business development and job creation... Hometown Pride Training - Pride Training is a program in Oklahoma that helps communities welcome new businesses… ACE Study - The recently-released 2012 Accountability for a Competitive Economic (ACE) book gives a clear picture of where Oklahoma is succeeding economically and where the state continues to need improvement in order to attract jobs and investment. Mike Seney, executive director of Oklahoma 21st Century and senior vice president of policy analysis and strategic planning for The State Chamber authored the annual report that gives insight into how Oklahoma's business climate stacks up with other states.

 7pm & 8pm       FINDING YOUR ROOTS – Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr delves into the genealogy and genetics of some well-known Americans. Each hour features a different pair of celebrity guests, who are bound together by an intimate, sometimes hidden link, whether it be as old friends, through long-lost relatives, or even through a common ancestral past. After this week, new episodes will air at 7pm on Sundays (and repeat at 7pm on Mondays on OKLA).


Monday, March 26

9pm                  INSIDE FENWAY PARK: AN ICON AT 100 – Celebrates the centennial of the oldest (and smallest) ballpark in America. Using a Red Sox/Yankees game as a thread, the film tells the story of Fenway's long history as a venue for sports and as a public space; masses for WWI soldiers, a 1918 Irish Republican rally, FDR's last presidential campaign speech, concerts by Bruce Springsteen and others. In 1999, it looked as if Fenway would be razed to make way for a new ballpark. Luckily, wiser heads prevailed and Boston's most popular attraction (more tourists visit Fenway than the Freedom Trail) survived.


Tuesday, March 27

7pm                  JOHN WOODEN: VALUES, VICTORY AND PEACE OF MIND – The former UCLA basketball coach shares his philosophy on how to achieve competitive greatness.

8pm                  TRIANGLE FIRE: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – Reveals how public outrage following a deadly factory fire in 1911 led to workplace safety laws.

 9pm                  FRONTLINE “Murdoch’s Scandal” – The battle over the future of News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch's reputation is chronicled.

10pm                ROLL CALL  – Senator Clark Jolley, Representative Wade Rousselot and Representative Jeff Hickman


Wednesday, March 28

9pm                  QUEST FOR THE LOST MAYA -- This program explores archaeological evidence of a previously unknown Mayan society based in the Yucatan Penisula of southern Mexico. The film surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the "preclassic era" of the Maya (800-700BC) as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900s AD. 


Thursday, March 29

7pm                  GALLERY “The People’s Art” (one hour) -- The Oklahoma Capitol...the state's seat of government is also a temple for its art. Designed by architect Solomon Layton in the Greco-Roman style, the building itself is a great work, only recently completed with the addition of a grand dome...But beneath that dome lay more treasure, Oklahoma's rich story, her heroes, her struggles, her success and her hopes all depicted by master artists. Join Gallery in February for a private tour of The People's Art with Robert Henry. Before becoming a federal court judge, the Shawnee native was an Oklahoma legislator. During those early years of public service he developed a love for the capitol building and its beautification. Today, thanks in part to his work, the Oklahoma State Capitol is replete with great artistic beauty and because of his continued enthusiasm for Oklahoma history and Oklahoma artists, Judge Henry is often called upon to lead tours for visiting dignitaries. On the next Gallery it is his distinct honor to take YOU on a tour of this priceless exhibit. (Original Broadcast 2/12/08)

8pm                  THE THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR – We recorded all of the new shows as they fed from PBS. We started playing them back last Thursday. We’ll continue showing the new episodes until they run out and then we’ll pick back up with the feed, which will be four or five episodes into the repeated 10th season.

9pm                  THE HORSEMEN COMETH -- Follows air show pilots who are members of the world's only P-51 Mustang formation aerobatic team.

10pm                INDEPENDENT LENS “You’re Looking Like I Live Here and I Don’t” -- This documentary is a first-person account of Lee Gorewitz's life inside the Traditions Alzheimer's & Other Dementia Care Unit at the Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living in Danville, California. A total immersion into the fragmented day-to-day experience of the disease, the film reveals Lee's penetrating ruminations and charismatic vitality, challenging our preconceptions of illness and aging.


Friday, March 30

9pm                  LIVE FROM THE ARTISTS DEN “Adele” -- The British sensation Adele performs at the Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club in Santa Monica, CA. (This is not scheduled to repeat again anytime soon, so I hope you can catch it while it’s on!)

Program Preemptions

Written by Holly on Friday March 2, 2012

Festival LogoIt's pledge drive time!! A time to see some exciting new specials and a time to renew your membership with OETA!

You probably have some favorite programs that you won't get to see for a while during the pledge drive. We understand that can be disappointing and a little frustrating. The following is a list of our most popular programs and an idea of when they're coming back (and whether you're missing anything while they're gone).


Thursdays, March 1, 8 and 15

STATELINE and GALLERY – New local documentaries will return in April.

THE THIS OLD HOUSE HOUR – No new episodes will be preempted. We’ll pick up where we left off on March 22nd.

INDEPENDENT LENS and POV – No new programs are being preempted. The next new program will be March 29th.


Friday, March 2, 9 and 16

WASHINGTON WEEK and NEED TO KNOW – You can see the new Friday night episodes at from midnight to 1am each Friday. If you miss it then, you can also see it Sunday mornings from 4am to 5am.

RED GREEN – We’ll pick up where we left off after the pledge drive, on Friday, March 22nd.

DOCTOR WHO – We’ll pick up where we left off after the pledge drive, on Friday, March 22nd.


Saturday, March 3, 10 and 17

Sewing, Quilting, Cooking and Art Programs will be paused during the pledge drive and will pick up where they left off on Saturday, March 24th.

SUNUP – Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

OKLAHOMA GARDENING -- Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

VICTORY GARDEN – All episodes have been repeats for quite a while, so we’re putting this series on hiatus. Following the pledge drive, we’ll air P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME. We’ve received lots of requests to air this series and we’re excited to able to bring it to OETA viewers.

THIS OLD HOUSE and ASK THIS OLD HOUSE– No new episodes will be preempted. We’ll pick up where we left off on March 24th.

HOMETIME – No new episodes will be preempted. We’ll pick up where we left off on March 24th.

NATURE, NOVA and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW – No new episodes are being preempted. Everything PBS is feeding during this time is a repeat.

MOYERS & COMPANY – During the pledge drive, this series can be seen on Sunday mornings at 5am. Following the pledge drive, it will return to its regular time.

OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT – You’ll have to catch this on Friday on Main or next week on OKLA. It won’t repeat on Saturday or Sunday during the pledge drive.

MASTERPIECE – PBS isn’t feeding any new episodes during the pledge drive. The next new MASTERPIECE will be “Great Expectations” in April.


Sunday, March 4, 11 and 18

MOTORWEEK – This is one of the few series that we’re preempting and it will not be able to be seen on OETA at all. Full episodes are available online on the PBS Video site.

WOODWRIGHT’S SHOP – This series is going on hiatus so that we can bring you a highly-requested similar program, ROUGH CUT-WOODWORKING WITH TOMMY MAC, which will begin airing following the pledge drive on Sunday, March 25th.

OUTDOOR OKLAHOMA -- Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

THE AVIATORS – Will return on March 25th for one more episode, then we’ll being airing train programming while we wait for new episodes of AVIATORS to become available.

NATURE, NOVA and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW – No new episodes are being preempted. Everything PBS is feeding during this time is a repeat.

WASHINGTON WEEK– You can see the Friday night episodes at midnight on Friday nights and 4am Sunday mornings. Those are the only times this series will air during the pledge drive.

OKLAHOMA FORUM – Will pick up again after the pledge drive.

MCLAUGHLIN GROUP -- This is one of the few series that we’re preempting and it will not be able to be seen on OETA at all. Full episodes are available online on the McLaughlin website.

OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

OKLAHOMA GARDENING -- Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

RUDY MAXA and RICK STEVES – These series will pick up where they left off following the pledge drive on Sunday, March 25th.

MASTERPIECE - PBS isn’t feeding any new episodes during the pledge drive. The next new MASTERPIECE will be “Great Expectations” and it will begin April 1st.

British Comedies – These will not air until the night the pledge drive ends, Sunday, March 18th at their usual times. We’ll pick up where we left off.


Monday, March 5 and 12

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW – PBS isn’t feeding any new episodes during the pledge period.

BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND – Will pick up where it left off after the pledge drive.

WRITING OUT LOUD -- Can be seen multiple times on OKLA during the pledge drive.

LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE – We won’t have LOSW again until after the pledge drive, Monday, March 19th. No episodes will be preempted. We’ll pick up where we left off.


Tuesday, March 6 and 13

FRONTLINE -- PBS isn’t feeding any new episodes during the pledge period.


Wednesday, March 7 and 14

NATURE and NOVA -- PBS isn’t feeding any new episodes during the pledge period.

GLOBE TREKKER – We’re not airing new episodes at this time. We’ll air a couple of repeat episodes the last two Wednesdays of March, then GLOBE TREKKER will go on hiatus for a couple of months. We’ll bring it back in June with all new episodes.

Programming Notes 2/17 to 2/23

Written by Holly on Friday February 17, 2012

 Friday, Feb 17

7pm                 OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT-- An Oklahoma U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator are at the forefront of the national debate over the future of agriculture subsidies and the 2012 Farm Bill… While statewide smoking rates are falling, increasing numbers of teens are lighting up… Higher demand since the recession has increased pressure on one state agency that helps put disabled Oklahomans in the workforce… The wind power industry is exploding in Oklahoma and the job market in turbine repair is exploding, too… Logan Layden of StateImpact Oklahoma tells us the wind industry is taking off as federal wind energy tax credits are set to expire… Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business… Erin Boeckman of eCapitol discusses the legislative week in @ the Capitol… In our Black History Month segment, we meet an African-American now serving as police chief in a former “sundown town”… And, as pitchers and catchers report to spring training, we look at our state’s early contributions to the national past-time.


Saturday, Feb 18

7:30am             SUNUP – OSU Small Grains Extension Specialist Jeff Edwards demonstrates first hollow stem identification in wheat pasture. Plus, cattle breeding season nutrition, high beef prices vs. profits, no-till planter maintenance, drought index, wheat prices and Paul Weisenfeld from USAID.


Sunday, Feb 19

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Legislative Leadership” -- The Big Topic is the 2012 legislative session with guests: Rep. Kris Steele, Speaker of the House… Rep. Scott Inman, House Democratic Leader… Sen. Clark Jolley, Senate Appropriations Committee Chair… Sen. Sean Burrage, Senate Democratic Leader

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Crime & Punishment - Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater wants to work on keeping people out of prison rather than putting them behind bars… Prison Reform - Oklahoma Speaker of the House Kris Steele discusses new criminal justice reforms he believes need to be approved this legislative session… Eddie Warrior - Remembering a man, whose family arrived in Oklahoma well before statehood, had a prison named after him and was inducted into the Oklahoma African-American Educators Hall of Fame's inaugural class.

8pm                  DOWNTON ABBEY – Tonight is the last episode of the new series. As with the first series, there are still loose ends!! No real cliff-hangers, but you might be left wondering what will happen to Mr. Bates & Anna and Lady Edith & Sir Anthony Strallan. A third series is in the works. We’ll all just have to wait until next year to see it! In the meantime, here’s a fun site: http://downtonabbey.wikia.com/wiki/Downton_Abbey_Wiki


Monday, Feb 20 – Happy President’s Day! (And happy birthday to my mom!)

3:30pm             WORDGIRL: THE RISE OF MISS POWER -- Miss Power is the new super hero in town, but she uses mean words against others and may be a super villain. When WordGirl tries to stand up to Miss Power, she is belittled and stripped of her super hero star. Huggy shows WordGirl a book full of secret battle moves from her home planet, Lexicon. Will it be enough to save the city from Miss Power? (This preempts today’s WILD KRATTS.)

8pm                  CLINTON: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – This is part 1 of 2 episodes. The second part airs tomorrow at 7pm. Tonight's episodes contain some scenes from the Oklahoma City bombing that some viewers could find disturbing.


 Tuesday, Feb 21

9pm                  FRONTLINE “The Child Cases” – Originally, this episode was supposed to be about cell tower deaths. But there was a recent development in that topic and the episode was pulled so updates could be made. That episode will now air in April. “The Child Cases” is about death cases involving medical evidence that was later found to be unreliable are investigated. 


Wednesday, Feb 22

7pm                  NATURE “Ocean Giants: Giant Lives/ Deep Thinkers/ Voices Of The Sea” – Three-hour NATURE episode. The great whales such as the blue and the bowhead are the largest animals that have ever lived on our planet. Yet these mighty leviathans feed on tiny shrimp and sardines. "Giant Lives" discovers why size matters in the world of whales.


Thursday, Feb 23 

7pm                  STATELINE “Faces of Autism” #1205 – Original Airdate 1/06/11

7:30pm             PEARL SCOTT: ON TOP OF THE WORLD -- The youngest licensed American pilot ever, Pearl Carter Scott from Marlowe, Oklahoma and friend of Wiley Post is profiled. (GALLERY will return to its usual timeslot in late March.)

9pm                  BUFFALO BILL’S AMERICAN WEST -- Visions of the American West explores Buffalo Bill Cody's legacy through iconic images and artifacts of the American West from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate. Stunning high definition footage of artistic masterworks help paint a portrait of the man who embodied the spirit of the West in all its complexities, while telling the story of western expansion. Warmly narrated by singer / songwriter Ed Bruce, Visions will appeal to art lovers, history buffs, and "wild west" enthusiasts of all ages.

9:30pm             POV #2415 “Racing Dreams” -- This program follows three young racers as they compete in the World Karting Association's National Pavement Series. Clocking speeds of up to 70 mph, these kids chase the National Championship title and take one step closer toward their dream of someday racing in NASCAR.