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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

New Gardening Series

Written by Holly on Friday July 20, 2012

garden-smart-8GARDEN SMART premieres this Saturday morning at 11:30am on OETA's main channel.

GARDEN SMART is a "hands in the dirt" program that provides you with practical, timely gardening advice. It's produced in association with The National Gardening Association, a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate and promote gardening to young and old alike.

Each week, you'll see valuable gardening tips, the latest trends "on the verge" and design advice, all with the purpose of making gardening fun and interesting. The series is filmed at beautiful resorts and gardens in every region of the country, which provides not only a stunning backdrop but also a sort of mini vacation for those of us who might never actually make it there on our own.

We’re airing this series in place of VICTORY GARDEN and P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME while we wait for new episodes from each those series. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Queen & Country

Written by Holly on Friday July 13, 2012

This_Royal_Land_Tow63E09A_copyIt's not your imagination. The second episode of QUEEN & COUNTRY didn't air last Sunday night like it was supposed to. There was a problem at PBS and they mistakenly fed the first episode again. 

Our awesome Traffic & Operations team was on the ball, caught the mistake and aired the correct episode in the overnight hours and on the replay on OKLA the next night. But that might not have helped those of you who recorded the Sunday night premiere.

The third episode episode will air this upcoming Sunday at 6pm as scheduled. But if you want to see the second episode before watching the third one, go now to QUEEN & COUNTRY on the PBS video site. All of the episodes should be there for a while, free and available to watch at your leisure.

OETA Create Problems

Written by Holly on Monday July 2, 2012

create_logoFans of OETA Create have probably noticed that the programming doesn't match the online guide. Also, the programs are starting at odd times. And the logo at the bottom right of the screen is different. What's going on?!?

Here's the scoop...

Severe thunderstorms in the New York/DC area this past weekend caused a break in the communication lines (fiber optics) between the originator of the programming and the satellite provider. While crews work on repairing the lines, an emergency loop feed is being used in place of regular programming.

All parties are working very hard to restore the feed. We will keep you updated on any further information we receive and apologize for the inconvenience and frustration it has caused. 

Thank you for understanding.

Programming Notes 6/29 to 7/05

Written by Holly on Friday June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29

7pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT -- The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  We’ll have Oklahoma reaction to the landmark health care decision… After a string of defeats for Tea Party-backed candidates, political analysts begin questioning the movement’s influence… Oklahoma State’s new rural medicine track is training doctors to fill a critical gap, and going it in a new way… Teen drinking is costing lives and almost a billion dollars a year, but a new effort is attacking the problem… Hardy handfishermen search murky rivers for big catfish, making “noodling” a unique part of Oklahoma life… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  MARIACHI HIGH: PBS ARTS -- A year in the life of the champion mariachi ensemble at Zapata High School in South Texas. (This is the first in the new line of “PBS ARTS” programs that will roll out over the next few weeks. The ones that don’t air on the Main channel will air on the OKLA channel on Saturdays.)

10:25pm           DOCTOR WHO “The Beast Below” – This is the middle of the 5th Series. We’ll complete this series one last time and then we’ll move on to the next series starting October 12th.


Saturday, June 30

7:30am             SUNUP – SUNUP discusses pasture weeds, treatment options and continued forage recovery from drought damage. Plus, testing summer annuals for nitrates, Senate-approved farm bill, air temps and soil moisture, wheat and corn prices, sheet metal storage box part 1, peaches and quilt pattern barn artwork.


Sunday, July 1

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Primary Election Wrap-up” – Discussion of the results of the Oklahoma Primary Election and the politics of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, with guests: Vickie White Rankin, Former State Representative… Doug Miller, Former State Representative… Patrick McGuigan, Editor, CapitolBeatOK… Arnold Hamilton, Editor, The Oklahoma Observer

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Will Rogers - Robert Henry, Oklahoma City University president and former Oklahoma attorney general and federal judge gives his perspective on Will Rogers… Will Rogers & Politics - Often referred to as the most trusted man in America's history, Will Rogers became politically influential as the voice of the people… Will Rogers Museum - Claremore's Will Rogers Museum honors Oklahoma’s favorite son… Will Rogers & Movies - The most popular actor in the nation during his day, Will Rogers trailed only one actress in popularity - Shirley Temple… Fly In - Some Oklahomans have turned the tragedy of the airplane crash that killed Will Rogers and Wiley Post into an annual event that honors their pioneering aviation legacy.

7pm                  QUEEN AND COUNTRY – This four-part series looks at the traditions and institutions surrounding the monarchy, from Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace through the queen's royal visits... to some of the greatest royal palaces. Will air in this time slot for four consecutive Sundays.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! “Endeavor” -- Before Inspector Lewis, there was Inspector Morse, and before Inspector Morse, there was the rookie Constable Morse, fed up with police work and ready to nip his career in the bud by handing in his resignation. That is, until a murder turned up that only he could solve. Shaun Evans ("The Take," "The Virgin Queen") stars as the young Endeavour Morse, before his signature red Jaguar but with his deductive powers already running in high gear.

9:30pm             MYSTERIOUS LOST STATE OF FRANKLIN -- At the end of the American Revolution, frontier settlers beyond the Appalachian mountains broke away from North Carolina to form their own government. They named their new territory The State of Franklin. The region's citizens, once united against the British Crown, now found themselves divided against one another.


Tuesday, July 3

7pm                  MICHAEL WOOD’S STORY OF ENGLAND (Parts 1 and 2) -- This series tells the story of England, from the Dark Ages until the 20th century, through the eyes of one place: Kibworth, Leicestershire.It's the story of people and their land over time. But also it's a tale of migration -- Romans and Britons, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Normans, Flemings, Huguenots and Jews -- the story is one of newcomers, right down to the modern waves of immigration, West Indians Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis. All of them came to English shores to create communities, to make a living and raise families -- in time becoming English and then British. This is their story, too. (Part 3 will air next week at 7pm and Part 4 the next week at 7pm.)

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Money, Power and Wall Street: The Crisis Spreads” – Explores how an epidemic of greed spread from financial institutions in America to Europe and back.


Wednesday, July 4

7p & 8:30p        A CAPITOL FOURTH -- A CAPITOL FOURTH, featuring musical performances by some of the country's best known and award-winning musicians in performance with the National Symphony Orchestra, is broadcast live from the West Lawn of the United States Capitol before a concert audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home, on National Public Radio and around the world to our troops on the American Forces Network. Bringing viewers the most spectacular fireworks display anywhere in the nation,the annual broadcast of A CAPITOL FOURTH captures the pyrotechnics from every vantage point with twenty television cameras stationed around the city -- including the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument and across the Potomac River. In tribute to America's birthday, the show is capped off with Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture," complete with live cannon fire provided by the United States Army Presidential Salute Battery.


Thursday, July 5

7pm                  STATELINE #607 “Chance to Change” – A look at preparations made to bring the prisoners back into society. (Original broadcast -- 5/03/05)

7:30pm             GALLERY #1301 “On the Fringe” -- THEY are the women of “Fringe”, Oklahoma’s latest arts organization made up entirely of female artists.  Born from the late night musings of an Oklahoma City metal sculptor, Fringe has assembled 25 talented team members, all submitting to a strict application process.  The scrutiny paid off.   The first two Fringe exhibits saw hundreds of patrons and now, one year after it’s conception, the group has its own gallery.  From paintings, to mosaics, to metal and wood work, the ladies of Fringe cover all mediums. Join Gallery on OETA to meet the founder and talk to the women who are driving this new endeavor to nurture female artists On The Fringe.  (Premiere)

10pm                POV “The City Dark” -- Is darkness becoming extinct? When filmmaker Ian Cheney moves from rural Maine to New York City and discovers streets awash in light and skies devoid of stars, he embarks on a journey to America's brightest and darkest corners, asking astronomers, cancer researchers and ecologists what is lost in the glare of city lights. Blending a humorous, searching narrative with poetic footage of the night sky, "The City Dark" provides a fascinating introduction to the science of the dark and an exploration of our relationship to the stars.

When Are We Getting New Episodes of DOCTOR WHO??

Written by Holly on Friday June 1, 2012

doctorwhonew530I know! I know! That's the question you're asking and I WANT to tell you they're coming SOON!!... But, I can't.... You'll have to wait a few more months.

The company that arranges and sells the broadcast rights of DOCTOR WHO episodes to public television stations here in America is getting the new season as quickly as possible. And as soon as they have them, we will have them, and then you will have them. 

Until then... Please enjoy the only episodes of DOCTOR WHO that we currently have rights to air. Tonight is the final episode of Series 5, titled "The Big Bang." Next week, you'll see "End of Time, Pt. 1," followed the next week by Part 2. Then we'll start again with all of Series 5. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.