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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Wagner's Ring Cycle

Written by Holly on Friday September 7, 2012


Opera fans rejoice! Wagner's Ring is here!

Opera haters, turn to OKLA.

GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET will take over much of the PBS schedule next week with the new production of Wagner's four operas known collectively as the Ring cycle. It all begins Monday night with a behind-the-scenes documentary about the production. And the four nights that follow will feature each of the individual operas. All programs begin at 8pm and end at different times.

Monday, 8pm to 10pm -- "Wagner's Dream"
Tuesday, 8pm to 11pm -- "Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)"
Wednesday, 8pm to 12:30am -- "Die Walkure (The Valkyrie)"
Thursday, 8pm to 12:30am -- "Siegfried"
Friday, 8pm to 1am -- "Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)"

Plenty of information about the production, including some sneak peak video clips, can be found on the Great Performances website

If you're wondering what you're missing during the opera, the answer is "not much." PBS isn't feeding any new FRONTLINEs, NOVAs, etc. So, you're not missing those. We won't preempt the new GLOBE TREKKER or local documentaries. If you're looking for WASHINGTON WEEK, you'll find it Sunday at 4am and 12noon. NEED TO KNOW will air Sunday at 4:30am. DOCTOR WHO will not be seen on our main channel at all this week. You'll have to turn to OKLA to see "Vincent and the Doctor" Saturday at 9pm. (One of my favorite episodes EVER. I know, it feels like I say that about every episode.) 

Those of you not interested at all in opera should really check out OKLA this week. We'll have all eight hours of PIONEERS OF TELEVISION, Tuesday through Thursday from 8pm to 10pm each night. It's not often that we can show an entire series like that in prime time. 

As for me, I'm probably going to do what one of our viewers suggested... Turn on the operas and then start doing something else. It will make for fabulous background noise.

Children's Programming Changes

Written by Holly on Monday September 3, 2012

pbskidsIt’s that time of year again. Time for changes to be made to the children’s programming lineup. Each year, we get some new programs, we lose some programs and we change some programs' time periods.

I’m a mom of two and I know how hard it is for the little ones when Sid or Barney isn’t on TV when they expect them to be. We take great care in keeping the schedule as consistent, nap-friendly and school-age-friendly as possible, but not everyone’s personal schedule works perfectly with our programming schedule. We hope this one will suit most of our viewers.

The OETA Kids Channel will see the most changes. There will also be a few on the weekends on OKLA. But since most people are concerned with the changes to the main OETA channel, here is the new lineup. 

OETA HD (Main) -- Starting Monday, September 3rd

 7am                      CURIOUS GEORGE – No change

7:30am                 THE CAT IN THE HAT – No change

8am                       SUPER WHY! – No change

8:30am                 DINOSAUR TRAIN – No change

9am                       SESAME STREET – No change

10am                     DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD -- *NEW* Children’s animated series that recreates the Neighborhood of Make Believe from MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD , featuring Daniel Striped Tiger, O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina. The series curriculum is school-readiness and social-emotional learning, and each preschool themed episode offers a musical strategy for children and parents to use together. I’ve seen clips. It’s just wonderful!!

10:30am               SID THE SCIENCE KID – Moved from 10am (On Monday, Sept 3rd, we will be showing a second episode of DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD, just to help introduce the characters. Starting Tuesday, Sept 4th, SID THE SCIENCE KID will appear in this time period Monday through Friday.)

11am                     WORDWORLD – Moved from 10:30am

11:30am               BARNEY & FRIENDS – No change

12pm                     CAILLOU – No change

12:30pm               CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG – No change

1pm                       SIGNING TIME! – Moved from 11am

1:30pm                 THOMAS & FRIENDS – No change

2pm                       CURIOUS GEORGE – No change

2:30pm                 MARTHA SPEAKS – No change

3pm                       ARTHUR – No change

3:30pm                 WORDGIRL – No change

4pm                       WILD KRATTS – No change

4:30pm                 ELECTRIC COMPANY – No change

New Doctor Who

Written by Holly on Thursday August 2, 2012

dws6It's official. As of this morning, I have typed the words into the October draft schedule, and unless something significant happens between now and then (and it would have to be incredibly important), we will begin airing the new episodes of DOCTOR WHO on October 12th. 

Now, please note that our new season isn't the new season they're getting to see across the pond later this month. Our new season begins with the Christmas special from 2010, titled "A Christmas Carol." Then on October 19th, we will begin Series 6 with "The Impossible Astronaut."

And let me go ahead and say this... I cannot tell you when we'll have Series 7. In the past, we've started receiving them in the spring following their BBC premiere, but it didn't happen that way this year. We have to wait until the fall. So, the best I can offer at this point is that it might be the fall of 2013 before we see those. Please don't ask me that question for a while. I want to see them just as much as you do, and I will put them in the schedule as soon as we have them. For now, let's just sit back and wait patiently for these new episodes. 

Just hang on... Just a little longer... It'll be worth it. 

"Keeping Up Appearances" Actor Has Died

Written by Holly on Monday July 30, 2012

KUAThe man we all know and love as Onslow on KEEPING UP APPEARANCES has died. The 68-year old actor had been battling cancer for several years. His family said he passed away "peacefully in his sleep." 

KEEPING UP APPEARANCES fans will want to make a note that will air several special "Christmas" episodes in the next few months on our OKLA channel. These episodes have odd running times and don't fit very well in our usual Sunday night timeslots. 

  • 1993 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Hyacinth buys tickets for a holiday cruise on the QE2, looking forward to making acquaintances with the better class of person that one meets in such circumstances. Little does she know that Onslow has won tickets for that very same trip. -- Airs September 13 at 5pm on OKLA
  • 1994 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Hyacinth has been very busy planning a new kitchen (a process which includes asking the Vicar whether a worktop color described as "Angel Gabriel Blue" is accurate). She becomes busier still when Daisy tells her that someone has been found in "Daddy's" bed - and it isn't "Daddy"! -- Airs September 14 at 5pm on OKLA
  • 1991 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Hyacinth roars into the Christmas season. She manages to get poor Richard into a Father Christmas outfit but then has to confront with a very drunken "Daddy" who is making passes at the parish ladies in the church rectory. To make matters worse, there is a case of mistaken identity that culminates with her kissing under the mistletoe with a most unexpected partner. -- Airs October 1 at 5pm on OKLA
  • 1995 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Hyacinth decides to organize and direct a local pageant titled "Our Town in the Civil War." She also, naturally, casts herself in the starring role of Queen Henrietta Maria and coerces various members of her family to play assorted Cavaliers and Roundheads. The Church Hall is soon in pandemonium. -- Airs October 1 at 5:30pm on OKLA

Sunday Mornings - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Written by Holly on Sunday July 22, 2012

aviatorsDid you enjoy seeing the 8th season of TRACKS AHEAD on Sunday mornings these past few months? We'd waited for the release of that new season for quite a while and we were thrilled to bring it to you. We'll air it again before the broadcast rights run out. But for now, we're giving that timeslot back to our airplane enthusiasts. 

Back by popular demand, THE AVIATORS starts again this Sunday at 8:30am! We're airing the first season again right now, but it will soon be followed by the premiere of the third season. 

Here's the Season Three trailer to whet your appetite: