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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Programming Notes 12/20 to 12/26

Written by Holly on Friday December 20, 2013

Friday, December 20

7pm                  ONR -- The Highway Patrol says low salaries compared to other law enforcement agencies mean fewer troopers on Oklahoma roads… The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism was formed after the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Now, funding cuts threaten the Institute’s future… The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office is giving a boost to military veterans looking for new jobs and careers… While drinking and driving is always a concern during the holidays, the laws that regulate alcoholic beverage production and sale in the state are haled as being business-friendly… An Oklahoma-produced Bible app has become a huge seller nationwide… Tulsa doll-makers deliver Christmas gifts and memories that last a lifetime… Oklahoma charities express concerns about a lag in holiday giving… The Equalization Board certifies less money than expected for the upcoming 2014-15 fiscal year.   And, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issues two major decisions.  We discuss a busy week at the capitol with Shawn Ashley of eCapitol… And, Adam Brooks of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  A CHRISTMAS CAROL: THE CONCERT -- Charles Dickens' classic tale is adapted for a live orchestral concert with a choir and soloists. (90min)

10pm                THE RED GREEN SHOW is preempted tonight for the 90min special starting at 9pm.


Saturday, December 21

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP features the best agricultural stories of 2013, as selected by the show's viewers. Also: a holiday greeting from DASNR's Vice President, Dean and Director; an explanation of how reindeer fly. Then, "A Cowboy Christmas," as read by Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis. Finally, SUNUP's favorite outtakes from 2013.

8pm                  HAPPY HOLIDAYS: THE BEST OF THE ANDY WILLIAMS CHRISTMAS SHOWS -- Interviews with the beloved television personality are featured with clips of classic performances.


Sunday, December 22

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “The Year-End Show” – Discussion of the top stories of 2013 and predict stories and people to watch in 2014 with guests: Holly Wall, Managing Editor, This Land Press… George Lang, President, Oklahoma Film Critics Circle… Keith Gaddie, Political Science Professor and Author, University of Oklahoma… Berry Tramel, Sports Writer, The Oklahoman and NewsOK.com

6pm                  LIBERA: ANGELS SING CHRISTMAS IN IRELAND -- The iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh, Ireland, is the setting for a performance of Christmas songs by one of the world's most accomplished and acclaimed boy choirs, Libera. In a concert recorded for television, 'Angels Sing, Libera Christmas in Ireland' presents traditional Christmas carols interpreted in the Libera style, and influenced by Irish music and melodies.

7pm                  MR. STINK -- Chloe befriends an unusual tramp and learns that there is more to him than meets the eye - or nose.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey, Season 3, Episode 6”

O K L A at 7:30pmOUR WORLD: MYANMAR’S EXTREMIST MONK – This replaces BBC NEWSNIGHT tonight so that the BBC crew can take a holiday break.


Monday, December 23

8pm                  CHRISTMAS IN NORWAY WITH THE ST. OLAF CHOIR -- The rich choral music traditions of both America and Norway are showcased in Nidaros Dom cathedral.

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” -- Eighty-five-year-old Jiro Ono, considered the world's greatest sushi chef, is the proprietor of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seat restaurant inauspiciously located in a Tokyo subway station. Despite its humble appearance, it is the first restaurant of its kind to be awarded a three-star Michelin Guide rating, and sushi lovers from around the globe make pilgrimages. "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" is a meditation on work, family, and the art of perfection.

11pm                LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE “Christmas Special 1977” – This airs out of order from the regular LOSW episodes.

11:30pm           LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE “Christmas Special 1979” – This airs out of order from the regular LOSW episodes.


Tuesday, December 24

7pm                  CHRISTMAS AT BELMONT -- 700 student musicians join the Belmont School of Music faculty and the Nashville Children's Choir.

8pm                  CHRISTMAS WITH THE MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR FEATURING ALFIE BOE AND TOM BROKAW – Tony Award-winning tenor Alfie Boe and journalist/author Tom Brokaw join the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir in a holiday concert performance.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “From Jesus to Christ, Part 1” -- Explores the life of Jesus and depicts on the origins of Christianity using historical evidence. (2 hours)

11pm                LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE “Christmas Special 1981” – This airs out of order from the regular LOSW episodes.

11:30pm           LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE “Christmas Special 1982” – This airs out of order from the regular LOSW episodes.


Wednesday, December 25

4am to 1:30p     Christmas music programming marathon

1:30p to 5p       Childrens Christmas programming marathon

7pm                  NATURE “Christmas in Yellowstone” -- Wolves, coyotes, elk, bison, bears and otters make their way through their most challenging season.

8pm                  NOVA “Building the Great Cathedrals” -- Hands-on experiments reveal architectural secrets used to erect these soaring, glass-filled walls.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “From Jesus to Christ, Part 2” – The second part of the four-hour series showing the life of Jesus and the origins of Christianity. (2 hours)

O K L A from 7am to 2pm – Christmas music programming marathon


Thursday, December 26 

7pm                  EXPLORE ADA #303 “From the Earth: Frankoma Pottery” – Click here for more information about this series and its producers. 

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Holly Bears a Prickle” -- While on their first date, Doc Martin makes an inappropriate remark and Louisa ends their affair.

9:47pm             MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! “Sherlock: The Great Game” – This is the final episode from Season One. We’ll start Season Two next week in this time slot. We are airing immediately following DOC MARTIN so that it will fit into the evening and still allow room for both LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE episodes. The premiere of the 3rd season of SHERLOCK will be Sunday, January 19th. We will repeat the new episodes on Thursdays at 10pm following the Sunday premiere. 

11:13pm           LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE – Begins slightly later than usual so that we can squeeze the Sherlock episodes in. The second episode of LOSW will begin at 11:43pm tonight and run slightly past midnight.

Programming Notes 12/13 to 12/19

Written by Holly on Friday December 13, 2013

Friday, December 13

7pm                  ONR -- The State Department of Education responds to criticism of the A Through F school grading system as many parents and educators ask for it to change... Oklahoma’s sluggish economy threatens a plan to provide salary increases to state employees… Declining revenues may lead to “flat” budget year for state government… Small non-specialty hospitals are facing a patient and financial deficit, which threatens to shutter some rural medical facilities… Oklahomans have discovered the benefits of volunteering – not just for those who need help, but also to help those provide it… “Women in Recovery” gives women who would have been in prison another chance to lead happy, healthy lives… In an It’s Your Government report, we visit the state agency that preserves and shares Oklahoma’s past… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  SILENT NIGHT -- Recounts the true story of the World War I Christmas Eve truce in 1914.

11pm                DOCTOR WHO “Cold War” – Starts half an hour late tonight.


Saturday, December 14

7:30am             SUNUP -- Visiting OSU's North Range to learn about synchronized artificial insemination for the entire herd. Also: recent snowfall impact on soil temperatures; year-to-year comparison of the number of hours below freezing; a Farm Bill update; the importance of body condition scores as we move through calving season and into breeding season; the latest USDA supply and demand numbers and how they will impact the 2014 wheat price; Red River Crops Conference, Jan. 28-29 in Altus; what drivers should do if they come upon cattle in the roadway; and the different classifications of wheat and how they translate into food products.

10:30am            AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN – We’re going to repeat a few of the episodes from the 13th Season while we wait for the new 14th Season to begin in February.

8pm                  A GRAND MERCER CHRISTMAS -- Students and faculty from Mercer's Townsend School of Music perform classical Christmas selections.


Sunday, December 15

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “2014 Oklahoma Economic Outlook” – Discussion of the performance of the Oklahoma economy in 2013 and look ahead to 2014 with: Deidre Myers, Deputy Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce… Russell Evans, Ph.D., Executive Director, Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute, and Assistant Professor of Economics, Oklahoma City University

6pm                  IL VOLO BUON NATALE – The young Italian trio performs "Let It Snow," "Silent Night" and more great holiday favorites.

7-10pm             MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey, Season 3” – Episodes 3, 4 and 5 tonight


Monday, December 16

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “Playwright: From Page to Stage” -- The lives of two playwrights -- one, an African American from Miami's inner city; the other, an Indian American from Cleveland -- are brought together for the process of creating something new for the stage.


Tuesday, December 17

7pm                  RED METAL: THE COPPER COUNTRY STRIKE OF 1913 – The labor strike that lasted over nine months and devastated Michigan's Copper Country is explored.

8pm                  HOW SHERLOCK CHANGED THE WORLD – The fictional Sherlock Holmes was a scientist who used chemistry, bloodstains and minute traces of evidence to catch criminals. In an era when eyewitness reports and "smoking gun" evidence were needed to convict criminals, Sherlock Holmes' crime-scene methods were revolutionary. Forensic scientists, crime historians and Sherlockian experts reveal for the first time the astonishing impact Arthur Conan Doyle's creation had on the development of real-life criminal investigation and forensic techniques. With a mix of interviews, dramatic reconstruction and archives, the program tells the story of the impact and legacy of the most famous crime fighter in history. (FYI, the next new season of MASTERPIECE MYSTERY!’s “Sherlock” series premieres January 19, 2014!)

10pm                CELTIC WOMAN: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS -- Vocalists Lisa Lambe, Susan McFadden and Meav Ni Mhaolchatha perform timeless holiday favorites.


Wednesday, December 18

7pm                  NATURE “Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo” -- Buffalo and wolves engage in epic life and death dramas across the Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada.

8pm                  NOVA “Extreme Ice” -- Scientists use time-lapse cameras in the Arctic and Alaska to create an archive of melting glaciers.

9pm                  LIFE ON FIRE “Icelandic Volcanoes” -- Aerial footage of Iceland sheds light on the possible consequences of a major volcanic eruption.

10pm                DARLA Z’S CHRISTMAS ‘ROUND THE WORLD – The airdate on this changed from Thursday to Wednesday and some listings services might still have it listed incorrectly in newspapers and electronic guides. (That's the problem we face when any changes are made after the listings services deadlines.) Viewers who miss it this week can still see it Christmas day at 6am on Main and 12noon on OKLA.


Thursday, December 19 

7pm                  CHRISTMAS ON THE DANUBE -- Visit cities along the Danube river and explore stunning European landscape, history and culture.

7:30pm             EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS MARKETS -- Visit charming markets in festively decorated cities and towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.

8pm                  CHRISTMAS AT LUTHER: TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY -- Celebrate the joy and traditions of Christmas with the choirs of Luther College in Decorah Iowa.

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “The Admirer” -- Louisa discovers she has a rival for Doc Martin's affections, a glamorous divorcee and hotel owner.

9:47pm             MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Sherlock Holmes: The Blind Banker” – This is the second episode of the first season of the SHERLOCK series. We are airing it immediately following DOC MARTIN so that it will fit into the evening and still allow room for both LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE episodes. For the next several Thursdays, seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock will start at this irregular time. The premiere of the 3rd season of SHERLOCK will be Sunday, January 19th at 9pm. We will repeat the new episodes on Thursdays at 10pm following the Sunday premiere.

11:13pm           LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE – The British comedy will begin slightly later than usual for the next several Thursdays so that we can squeeze the Sherlock episodes in. The second episode of LOSW will begin at 11:43pm tonight and run slightly past midnight. People who like British programming know well that the shows don’t fit neatly into American-sized time periods.

Programming Notes 11/27 to 12/05

Written by Holly on Wednesday November 27, 2013

Wednesday, November 27 – Hanukkah begins

7pm                  NATURE “My Life as a Turkey” -- Based on a true story. Deep in the wilds of Florida, writer and naturalist Joe Hutto was given the rare opportunity to raise wild turkeys from chicks. Hutto spent each day out and about as a "wild turkey" with his family of chicks until the day came when he had to let his children grow up and go off on their own. As it turned out, this was harder than he ever imagined. Hutto's story eventually became a book, Illuminations in the Flatlands.

8pm                  NATURE “An Original DUCKumentary” -- A look at the fascinating bird sheds light on how ducks migrate together, nurture chicks and more.

9pm                  NATURE “The Private Life of Deer” -- Scientists, deer experts and special cameras shed light on the hidden world of white-tailed deer.

10pm                XMAS WITHOUT CHINA – The filmmaker challenges his American neighbors to survive the Christmas season without Chinese products.


Thursday, November 28 – Happy Thanksgiving!

5pm                  BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA – Tonight’s and tomorrow night's episodes will be coming to us from London with host Kasia Madera so that the DC crew can enjoy the holiday. This is not a permanent change.

7pm                  LIFE IS A GIFT – Musical celebration of Thanksgiving from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “The Apple Doesn’t Fall” -- The doctor learns that the new police officer has narcolepsy. Bert Large is having a midlife crisis.

10pm                SECRETS OF CHATSWORTH -- Chatsworth Estate has been home to the distinguished Cavendish family for over five centuries.


Friday, November 29

7pm                  THE KALB REPORT “On Deadline: American Newspapers in the Digital Age” – OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT won’t be seen this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

9pm                  JAMES STEWART: A WONDERFUL LIFE -- A 90min salute to one of Hollywood's best-loved actors, featuring interviews with Hollywood luminaries. (This is not the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”)


Saturday, November 30

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP focuses on the peanut industry in Oklahoma: harvest in Caddo County; research and crop production; perspective on the industry, U.S. crop quality and why Oklahoma is well-suited for growing several peanut varieties; and a behind-the-scenes tour of Texoma Peanut Company in Madill, the parent company of world-reknowned Clint Williams Company. Also, winter weather outlook, peanut crop marketing, peanut hay options for cattle, Lasley Peanut Farms in Caddo County, and a lockout/tagout safety technique to use on electrical devices.

6pm                  EXPLORE ADA #302 “Battle Tested” – This airs in place of ONR tonight. More information about this series can be found on the City of Ada website.

6:30pm             BEHIND THE LENS WITH OKLAHOMA’S FUTURE FILMMAKERS #401 -- This is produced by students at Jenks High School. I don’t know anything about the content. For more information, contact Clifton Raphael at Jenks High School. This program will repeat on OKLA on 12/17/13 at 6:30am and 3:30pm.

8pm                  DARLA Z’S CHRISTMAS ‘ROUND THE WORLD -- Travel the globe and hear the different sounds of Christmas by captivating songstress Darla Z.  CDs and DVDs available from 1-855-500-DARLAZ or by visiting www.darlaz.com.


Sunday, December 1

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM “Invisible Eve” – Discussion of the high rate of female incarceration in Oklahoma and the new book about women in prison, "Invisible Eve," with guests: Yousef Khanfar, Photographer and Author, "Invisible Eve"… Kela Miller, Former Oklahoma prison inmate featured in "Invisible Eve"… Susan F. Sharp, David Ross Boyd Professor of Sociology, University of Oklahoma

2pm                  SET FOR LIFE -- Three Baby Boomers suffer financial woes and struggle to recover after the Great Recession in 2007. (This replaces ONR in the schedule for this week only.)

6pm                  CLIMBED EVERY MOUNTAIN WITH NICHOLAS HAMMOND – The true story behind the von Trapp family featured in the movie "The Sound of Music" is explored. This will repeat Saturday night at 11:35pm and on OKLA Monday night at 9pm.

8pm                  RETURN TO DOWNTON ABBEY –A look back at Downton Abbey with the cast and crew and a look ahead at Season 4. 

12am                RETURN TO DOWNTON ABBEY – repeat of the 8pm program


Monday, December 2

Most PBS stations across the country are in their December pledge drive this week. Many of the Christmas programs that are airing as pledge programs elsewhere will appear in the OETA December schedule as regular, non-pledge programs. 

8pm                  HISTORIC WALKS -- Explores the country's most fascinating districts; walking famous footpaths where history was made.

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “Wonder Women! The Untold Stories of American Superheroines” -- The comic book superheroine Wonder Woman and popular representations of powerful women are explored.


Tuesday, December 3

7pm                  PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: HAVING A BALL -- Re-stages an authentic Regency ball to mark the anniversary of one of the world's most loved novels, using it as a prism through which to view life in Jane Austen's Britain.

8:30pm             RETURN TO DOWNTON ABBEY – This is a 30min non-pledge version of the 90min program we aired Sunday.

9pm                  WALLIS SIMPSON: THE SECRET LETTERS -- For the past 75 years, Wallis Simpson has been cast as the scarlet woman of 20th century British history - the siren who seduced Edward VIII and caused him to give up his throne. But a trove of secret letters written by Wallis suggest that the story of their infamous marriage may not be entirely factual.

10pm                SECRETS OF SELFRIDGES -- Harry Gordon Selfridge introduced a new retail model that revolutionized the way Londoners shopped.


Wednesday, December 4

7pm                  NATURE “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” -- Animal behaviorists and devoted owners weigh in on the great divide between dogs and cat lovers.

8pm                  NOVA “A Walk to Beautiful” -- This story of hope and survival in Ethiopia follows five women devastated by obstetric fistula.

9pm                  THROUGH A DOG’S EYES -- Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants trains dogs to assist people with a variety of disabilities.

10pm                SISTERS -- This film about faith and hope, love and death highlights the life stories of five American nuns.


Thursday, December 5 – Hanukkah ends

7pm                  BAND BEDLAM – With bedlam only two days away, here’s another chance to see this special on the Oklahoma Pride marching band and the OSU Cowboy marching band.

7:30pm             POV “Listening Is An Act of Love: A Storycorps Special” -- Everyday people share memories and tackle life's important questions in this animated special.

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Movement” -- Bert Large opens his own restaurant, but things go wrong when people complain of food poisoning.

9:50pm             EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS MARKETS -- Visit charming markets in festively decorated cities and towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.

10:17pm           FIDDLER’S HOLIDAY WITH JAY UNGAR & MOLLY MASON -- The folk musicians celebrate the holidays with traditional and original tunes with winter themes. 

Programming Notes 11/08 to 11/14

Written by Holly on Friday November 8, 2013

Friday, November 8

7pm                  ONR -- A new study shows that compared to other states, women in Oklahoma face many disadvantages… The Chickasaw Nation’s investment in a manufacturing facility provides another boost to the southern Oklahoma economy… At this time every year, Veterans Day recognizes the sacrifice service members have made to our country.  For an alarming number of veterans, adjusting to civilian life is a struggle… In a Newsmaker Interview, we talk to Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs Rita Aragon about efforts to help Oklahoma’s veterans… In an ONR Extra, state schools get their annual report cards from the state Board of Education… This week is the 34th anniversary of the Iranian hostage crisis, when 52 Americans were taken hostage and held for 444 days.  In a Newsmaker Interview, we talk to Ambassador John Limbert, one of those held hostage, about the ordeal and U.S. relations with Iran… We go on a tour of one of Oklahoma’s cultural treasures, Wooloroc, and the state’s newest town… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  GREAT PERFORMANCES “Stephen Sondheim’s Company with the New York Philharmonic” – This is a 2-1/2 hour production. It preempts RED GREEN and DOCTOR WHO. There will be a few preemptions on Friday nights over the next couple of months, but I promise they’re all worth it.


Saturday, November 9

7:30am             SUNUP -- Visiting southwest Oklahoma for cotton harvest and an update on the Lugert-Altus Irrigation District. Also: rainfall totals, drought monitor, cotton and grain market analysis, culling cattle, livestock markets, lockouts for electrical breaker boxes and the newly rebuilt and renamed Tipton Valley Research Station, which was destroyed by a tornado two years ago.

10am                MARTHA BAKES – Starting last week, we turned away from barbecue for a while. We’re shifting gears and focusing on baking during the winter months. Barbecue programming will return next spring.

5pm                  MOYERS & COMPANY – Bill Moyers is retiring. Again. His last show will air January 4th, 2014.

8pm                  PAVAROTTI IN CENTRAL PARK -- The once-in-a-lifetime concert special recorded live in New York City's Central Park on June 26, 1993 before an audience of 500,000 adoring fans.

O K L A – 9pm – DOCTOR WHO will be a repeat of the first Matt Smith episode. We aren’t showing DOCTOR WHO on the Main channel this week, so we’re dipping into the archive of old episodes that are still in rights for OKLA.


Sunday, November 10

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Extreme Weather and the Science of Climate Change” -- We discuss Oklahoma’s extreme weather and the science behind climate change, with experts: Gary McManus, Associate State Climatologist… Al Sutherland, OSU Mesonet Agricultural Coordinator… Harold Brooks, Senior Research Scientist, National Severe Storms Laboratory

6pm                  NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT -- Marine Colonel Eric Hasting returned home to Montana from Vietnam in 1969 to a nation decades away from diagnosing PTSD. He tied a fly onto a line and cast. The river, he says, healed him. In this documentary, Hastings reaches out to five men, a new generation returning from war. He brings them to the river and shares his secret: there are places where you can still be consumed by a simple act, find joy in a fight, and be redeemed as you gently release another creature, unharmed, into quiet waters.


Monday, November 11

8pm                  JFK: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (Part 1) -- John F. Kennedy's rise to power, from his birth to his election as president in 1960, is examined.

10pm                ROADTRIP NATION – The Roadtrippers meet a film director in Hollywood and visit the headquarters of Facebook.


Tuesday, November 12

7pm                  THE AFRICAN AMERICANS: MANY RIVERS TO CROSS “Making a Way Out of No Way (1867-1940)” (Part 4 of 6)

8pm                  JFK: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (Part 2) -- John F. Kennedy's successes and failures in the White House and his assassination are explored.

10pm                THE CONSTITUTION: TO OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY – Oklahoma City University President Robert Henry, former Chief Judge of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals sets out to explore our country’s governing document, the framers who crafted it and its importance today. Join President Henry, Oklahoma's 4th District Congressman, Tom Cole, Oklahoma Speaker of the House, T.W. Shannon and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Arlene Johnson as they discuss how the document has affected Oklahoma, America and the world. (Premiered 9/17/13)


Wednesday, November 13

7pm                  NATURE “Parrot Confidential” – Parrots’ outrageous intelligence and uncanny ability to communicate in any language has made parrots one of the world's most popular pets.

8pm                  NOVA “Cold Case JFK” -- State-of-the art forensic tools are applied to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

9pm                  SECRETS OF THE DEAD “JFK: 1pm Central” -- The assassination of President Kennedy, as it was revealed in the CBS newsroom, is chronicled.

10pm                GALLERY #503 “National Museum of the American Indian” -- The pomp and pageantry that marked the opening of the Smithsonian museum of the American Indian. Many Oklahomans were there for the event and several of them had a hand in the design of the building. It was perhaps the largest gathering ever of Native American tribes to converge on our nation's capital.

10:30pm           INJUNUITY -- The world from the Native American perspective is explored with animation, music and real thoughts.


Thursday, November 14

7pm                  STATELINE #1007 “The People” -- Native American elders try to pass on the crafts and songs of their culture before they fade away forever.

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “On the Edge” -- Martin fails to restart his relationship with Louisa. Her father Terry plans to smuggle explosives.

Programming Notes 11/01 to 11/07

Written by Holly on Friday November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1

7pm                  ONR -- The push is on to make major changes to the state’s pension systems, affecting tens of thousands of Oklahomans... About 240 new laws went into effect on November 1.  We discuss some of the most notable ones with Shawn Ashley of eCapitol… Lawmakers explore ways to provide a safe place for students when Oklahoma’s weather turns deadly… Wind farms are sprouting around the state, and one to be erected in Osage County is causing environmental concerns, while supporters say it will boost the local economy… We hear a global perspective on the federal government shutdown… As Native American Heritage Month begins, we look at how growing numbers of people are learning about their Indian ancestry… A new publication gives a hand up to homeless Oklahomans… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  LIVE FROM THE ARTISTS DEN “Mumford & Sons” -- The band delivers songs from its recent album "Babel" from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

10:30pm           DOCTOR WHO “Angels Take Manhattan” – Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star as the Doctor and his companion as Doctor Who returns for a new series. After his explosive regeneration,the Eleventh Doctor awakes to discover his TARDIS is about to crash! After falling from the sky, he pulls himself out of the wreckage to come face-to-face with young Amy Pond. Still wearing the remains of the Tenth Doctor's suit, ripped and raggedy from the damage after the TARDIS control room exploded, the Doctor promises to take Amy to the stars. But before they can begin their journey, they become embroiled in an alien plot that could destroy the Earth!

O K L A – 9pm – LOU REED: ROCK AND ROLL HEART, AN AMERICAN MASTERS SPECIAL – An in-depth look at Lou Reeds' achievements and his prolific career as a musician and songwriter.


Saturday, November 2

7:30am             SUNUP -- Discussing current Oklahoma water issues and the concept of water auctions, along with water classifications, permits and landowner rights. Also: Mesonet weather; a preview of the National Weather Festival; grain market analysis; grass tetany prevention in cattle; livestock insect stress; equipment bearings; a preview of OSU's 20th Annual Totusek Animal Science Lectureship; and tips on planning a successful prescribed burn.

10am                MARTHA BAKES – It’s November now. We’re shifting gears off barbecue and focusing on baking for a while. MARTHA BAKES is a new Martha Stewart series. What is she doing? She’s baking! The barbecue programming will return next spring.

8pm                  RICHARD GLAZIER IN CONCERT: FROM RAGTIME TO REEL TIME -- The award-winning pianist brings new life to classics by George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers and more.

O K L A – 4:30pm – GREAT PERFORMANCES “Moby Dick from the San Francisco Opera” -- One of the nation's leading opera companies, San Francisco Opera has been the site for many memorable GP productions. In October 2012, GP partnered with SFO once again to record composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer's acclaimed adaptation of the classic Herman Melville novel "Moby-Dick." Jay Hunter Morris stars as the obsessive Captain Ahab. This program is 2.5 hours. Most of it will air on OETA’s Main channel after OETA Movie Club on Friday night/Saturday morning from 1am to 3:30am.


Sunday, November 3

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM -- “The Graduates” – Discussion of the Latino student dropout crisis and the series, “The Graduates,” with: Richard Storm, Principal, Union Alternative School, Tulsa… Mike Figueroa, Principal, Santa Fe South Middle School, Oklahoma City… Rocio Esparza, Para-professional, Santa Fe South Elementary School, Oklahoma City

6pm                  RUTH AND BILLY GRAHAM: WHAT GRACE PROVIDES -- Walter Cronkite narrates the story of Ruth and Billy Graham's personal, married and family life.

7pm                  SECRETS OF SELFRIDGES -- Selfridge revolutionized the way that Londoners shopped by introducing a new American retail model.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE “The Paradise, Part 5 of 7”

9pm                  MASTERPIECE “Downton Abbey, Series 2, Part 4” – The buzz is growing steadily about the next new season, premiering Sunday, January 5th at 8pm. As in years past, there will be eight parts to the next new season.


Monday, November 4

7pm                  ANTIQUES ROADSHOW “Junk in the Trunk 3” -- Never-before-seen appraisals from the 2013 season include a sports collection and a very old book.

9pm                  INDEPENDENT LENS “The Graduates, Hour Two” -- An intimate look at how students and teachers are faring in a stressed public education system. Tonight’s episode is about three boys. Last week featured three girls, including Darlene Bustos from Tulsa.

10pm                OKLAHOMA FORUM – Repeat of Sunday’s episode -- “The Graduates” – Discussion of the Latino student dropout crisis and the series, “The Graduates,” with: Richard Storm, Principal, Union Alternative School, Tulsa… Mike Figueroa, Principal, Santa Fe South Middle School, Oklahoma City… Rocio Esparza, Para-professional, Santa Fe South Elementary School, Oklahoma City


Tuesday, November 5

7pm                  THE AFRICAN AMERICANS: MANY RIVERS TO CROSS “Into the Fire” (Part 3 of 6)

8pm                  JIMI HENDRIX: AMERICAN MASTERS -- The definitive story of the influential rock guitarist features interviews and performance footage.

10pm                PRIDE & JOY -- Filmmaker Joe York spotlights Southern foodways and the people who prepare Southern food and drink.


Wednesday, November 6

7pm                  NATURE “Love in the Animal Kingdom” -- The subtle, outrageous and romantic antics of gorillas, flamingos and other animals are revealed.

8pm                  NOVA “Making Stuff Safer” -- The extent that science and technology can protect us from monumental forces of nature is explored.

9pm                  RAW TO READY “Bombardier” -- The Bombardier CRJ-1000 is a comfortable, durable and fuel efficient short-range regional jet.

10pm                OUT ON A LIMB -- The evolution of prosthetics and exciting advancements in engineering and robotics are explored.


Thursday, November 7

9am                  COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG ELECTRONIC FIELD TRIP “The Balance of Power” – This preempts SESAME STREET today.

7pm                  GALLERY #1404 “Woolaroc” -- Travel to Northeast Oklahoma to rediscover Frank Phillips, his legacy and a new effort to revive what became known as The Magic of Woolaroc. (Premiere)

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Erotomania” -- Graham Orchard, a Salvation Army member, arrives in Portwenn to try to trace a missing woman.

10pm                SECRETS OF SELFRIDGES -- Selfridge revolutionized the way that Londoners shopped by introducing a new American retail model.