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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Programming Notes 7/19 to 7/25

Written by Holly on Friday July 19, 2013

Friday, July 19

7pm                  ONR -- Economists and a think tank warn a slowing Oklahoma economy may mean more budget cuts ahead… The Brady Arts District is the heart of downtown redevelopment in Tulsa.  But, controversy has arisen over the name of the area, taken from one of Tulsa’s founding fathers… Angelina Jolie used genetic testing to decide how to manager her high risk for breast cancer.  Now, other patients want testing, too… While construction crews renovate areas of the state Capitol, a legal challenge threatens to delay repair of the building’s critical infrastructure problems… In a Newsmaker Interview, two state senators discuss Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” law. We remember television pioneer and OETA Station Manager Bill Thrash… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.


Saturday, July 20

8pm                  STATELINE One Hour Special “Oklahoma’s Television Pioneers” – This replaces TV PIONEERS “Superheroes” tonight to honor Bill Thrash. We had several people call who missed our special broadcast on Monday evening. We will put TV PIONEERS “Superheroes” back in the schedule at a later date.


Sunday, July 21

8pm                  MASTERPIECE “Endeavor: Rocket” -- A royal visit to a family-owned munitions factory ends with murder and Morse must find the culprit.

9:30pm             SIDELINED: CONCUSSIONS IN SPORTS -- Meet high school athletes and former NFL players struggling to recover from concussions.

VICAR OF DIBLEY expired at the end of June. AS TIME GOES BY will take its place in the month of July. And then DOC MARTIN fills the 11pm timeslot starting in August.


Monday, July 22

9:30pm             POV “High Tech, Low Life” -- Follows two of China's first citizen-reporters as they document the underside of the country's rapid economic development. A search for truth and fame inspires young vegetable seller "Zola" to report on censored news stories from the cities, while retired businessman "Tiger Temple" makes sense of the past by chronicling the struggles of rural villagers. Land grabs, pollution, rising poverty, local corruption and the growing willingness of ordinary people to speak out are grist for these two bloggers who navigate China's evolving censorship regulations and challenge the boundaries of free speech.


Tuesday, July 23

7pm                  BUDDHA -- Explore the life of the Buddha, whose ideas generated Buddhism in northern India 2,500 years ago.

9pm                  SECRETS OF THE DEAD “Bones of Buddha” – Doubt and scandal hang over a British landowner's discovery of the bones of Lord Buddha in 1898.

10pm                BRIDGE THE GAP TO PINE RIDGE --  The host visits Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to explore the often forgotten culture of the Oglala Lakota Native Americans. While there, he embarks on a life-changing buffalo harvest, gets "schooled" by the girls basketball team, visits with a 14-year-old girl who has devoted her life to suicide prevention and finds himself shoulder deep up a cow's backside while trying to better understand employment issues on the "Rez." With humor and pathos, he uncovers stories of hope and learns how culture has prevailed in the face of adversity.


Wednesday, July 24

7pm                  NATURE “Siberian Tiger Quest” – Season 30 premiere! Chris Morgan attempts to find a Siberian tiger living wild in Russia's far eastern forests.

8pm                  NOVA “3D Spies of WWII” – The untold story of the Allied air photo intelligence that played a vital role in defeating Hitler.

9pm                  NAZI MEGA WEAPONS -- The Nazis built massive, impenetrable concrete submarine pens for their lethal U-boat submarines.

10pm                Maggie's War: A True Story of Courage, Leadership and Valor in World War II -- James Megellas, a fearless World War II platoon leader, returns to Europe to visit battlefields.


Thursday, July 25

7pm                  STATELINE #1501 “Storm Center” – According to the article in the Odyssey, this episode of STATELINE looks into the creative mix of federal and state agencies and students that make up Norman’s Storm Center. (OB: 7/11/13)

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Going Bodmin” – Last week was the final episode that we have. There are no more available. Season 6 might start airing in the UK later this year, but they won’t be available to us for many months after that. So, let’s enjoy what we have for now. Starting in August, DOC MARTIN will air on Sundays at 11pm in addition to Thursdays at 9pm (And Saturdays at 8pm on OKLA).

9:45pm             DOGS OF LEXINGTON – An up-close glimpse behind prison walls of a world-class dog-training prison program at the Lexington correctional facility. This is a local production.

10:30pm           SHE WROTE ‘MY FRIEND FLICKA’ -- Discover where Mary O'Hara got the ideas that helped her write the famous story "My Friend Flicka."

Programming Notes -- 7/12 to 7/18

Written by Holly on Friday July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12

7pm                  ONR -- Thousands of Oklahomans are being forced to take unpaid leave because of federal budget cuts under sequestration – cuts that may increase as the U.S. House and Senate remain far apart on a budget deal… The U.S. Supreme Court throws the future of Baby Veronica back into question.  Her Oklahoma father says his fight to keep her is not over… We look at the practical applications and privacy concerns surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles… The defense has rested in the court martial of Oklahoma native Bradley Manning.  In a Frontline excerpt, we learn how he was able to get sensitive government information… Security leaks and hacker attacks on information networks force increased interest in cyber security… A group of Oklahomans urges the United States to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the civil war in Syria… In a Newsmaker Interview, ABC News Correspondent and Gaylord College professor Mike Boettcher discusses the Syrian conflict… We head to the drive-in theater to experience a rite of summer… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

8:30pm             NEED TO KNOW – This is the final episode of NEED TO KNOW. It’s going out of production. Starting next week, CHARLIE ROSE – THE WEEK will take this time period.


Saturday, July 13

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP visits OKC-West in El Reno to see the livestock auction's post-tornado reconstruction and hear about plans to reopen later this month. Also: forage-nitrate testing, Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola Conferences, plant water use, farm bill, bolts, Vegas Strip steak, dove hunting, grain market analysis and the Oklahoma Women in Agriculture and Small Business Statewide Conference.

O K L A – 4:30 to 7pm – GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET “Maria Stuarda” – Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato takes on the virtuosic bel canto role of doomed Mary, Queen of Scots.


Sunday, July 14

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Common Core State Standards” -- We discuss the Common Core State Standards for education, with:  Ann L. Caine, Ed.D., Superintendent, Stillwater Public Schools… Jenni White, President, Restore Oklahoma Public Education… Amber England, Government Affairs Director, Stand for Children… Everett Piper, Ph.D., President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

7pm                  SECRETS OF CHATSWORTH -- Chatsworth Estate has been home to the distinguished Cavendish family for over five centuries.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Endeavor: Fugue” -- Constable Endeavour Morse's love of opera may be the key to stopping a string of Oxford homicides.

9:30pm             Pedro E. Guerrero, Portrait of An Image Maker -- The photographer for Frank Lloyd Wright, Louise Nevelson and Alexander Calder is highlighted.

VICAR OF DIBLEY expired at the end of June. AS TIME GOES BY will take its place in the month of July. And then DOC MARTIN fills the 11pm timeslot starting in August.


Monday, July 15

9pm                  POV “Only the Young” -- Three unconventional Christian teenagers come of age in a small Southern California town.


Tuesday, July 16

7pm                  LEWIS & CLARK: THE JOURNEY OF THE CORP OF DISCOVERY (Part 2 of 2)

9pm                  FRONTLINE “The Real CSI” -- A Frontline investigation finds serious flaws in some of the best-known tools of forensic science.

10pm                TOMLINSON HILL -- A look at how the legacy of slavery in east and central Texas has created a region still divided. (Will repeat on OKLA starting in August.) 


Wednesday, July 17

9pm                  NAZI MEGA WEAPONS “Atlantic Wall” -- The extensive system of fortifications the Nazis built on the western coast of Europe is examined. (Two more in this series airs the next two weeks.)

10pm                GHOST ARMY -- A look at US troops who tricked the enemy with sound effects and visual illusions in World War II.


Thursday, July 18 

7pm                  GALLERY #1401 – “March to the Stadium” – Bands from OU and OSU…  “Capturing Imagination” – Artist from Seminole paints public art

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Ever After” – Final new episode of this series. We’ll air new ones after they are offered to us. At this point, they are still in production. They haven’t aired overseas yet, much less been offered to us. We’ll start back over with the first episode next week. And then starting in August, we’ll air them on Sunday nights at 11pm AND Thursday nights at 9pm.

10pm                AGE OF CHAMPIONS -- Senior citizens, including a 100 year-old tennis champion, compete at the National Senior Games.

Programming Notes -- 7/05 to 7/11

Written by Holly on Friday July 5, 2013

Friday, July 5

7pm                  ONR -- A consultant’s report advises taking federal dollars to provide greater access to affordable health care… Key water supplies for farmers and communities in southwestern Oklahoma are dangerously low, as the drought shows no end in sight… A report on Oklahoma’s children shows the state is making progress, but the economic outlook for many of their parents remains bleak… Interest costs on college loans are doubling for the poorest students, and Oklahoma’s high loan default rate figures to go up… We examine how veterans adjust to life after the military and handle the memories of war… And, M. Scott Carter of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

DOCTOR WHO – If all goes according to plan. The new episodes of DOCTOR WHO will begin on October 4th.



Saturday, July 6

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP joins a group of Israeli millers, bakers and wheat buyers learning about OSU's wheat improvement program. Also: grain market analysis, drought recovery, evapotranspiration trends, cattle nutrition, grasshoppers, drill bits, haying native grass and the 120th harvest of the Magruder Plots winter wheat experiment.

O K L A – 2:30pm – GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET “Les Troyens”


Sunday, July 7

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Water Rights” -- We discuss the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in a water dispute between Oklahoma and a Texas water district and the future of water rights in Oklahoma with: Gary McManus, Associate State Climatologist, Oklahoma Climatological Survey… M. Scott Carter, Reporter, The Journal Record… Joe Wertz, Reporter, StateImpact Oklahoma… Marguerite Chapman, Associate Professor of Law, University of Tulsa College of Law

7pm                  SECRETS OF ALTHORP – THE SPENCERS -- The brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, gives a personal tour around the Spencer family's manor. (If all goes according to plan, this series of “Secrets of” that are airing on Sunday nights will repeat on Thursday nights starting in October.)

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Endeavor: Girl” -- Rookie Constable Endeavour Morse investigates the the sudden death of a young secretarial student.

9:30pm             FOUND CAUSES -- All of the episodes and more information about the featured organizations can be found here: http://www.foundcauses.com/episodes.php

Last Sunday (6/30) was the last broadcast of VICAR OF DIBLEY on OETA. AS TIME GOES BY will take its place in the month of July. And then DOC MARTIN fills the 11pm timeslot starting in August.


Monday, July 8

9pm                  POV “Herman’s House” -- An art project focuses on prisoner Herman Wallace who has been in solitary confinement for 40 years.


Tuesday, July 9

7pm                  LEWIS & CLARK: THE JOURNEY OF THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY – This is part 1. The final part airs next week in this same time period, 7pm-9pm on Tuesday.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Two American Families” -- Two families in Milwaukee - one black, one white - work hard to keep from sliding into poverty.

9:30pm             FORD HUNGER MARCH -- In Detroit, Michigan during the great depression, Dave Moore was a hungry young black man without work. In 1932 when over three thousand people protested against the Ford Motor Company to appeal for jobs, Dave Moore marched with them and witnessed the brutality that caused five deaths. Dave continued to suffer through the depression until he joined the Civilian Conversation Corps and was sent to serve at Camp Baldwin, Michigan.


Wednesday, July 10

8pm                  SECRETS OF THE DEAD “The Ultimate Tut” -- New insights into how Tutankhamen died and how the the Egyptian Pharaoh was buried are revealed.

9pm                  THE HORSEMEN COMETH -- Follows air show pilots who are members of the world's only P-51 Mustang formation aerobatic team.


Thursday, July 11

7pm                  STATELINE #1501 – “Storm Center” – STATELINE looks into the creative mix of federal and state agencies and students that make up Norman’s Storm Center. (Premiere)

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Cats and Sharks” -- Martin plans to leave Portwenn to resume his career as a surgeon after his baby's christening.

10pm                KATMAI: ALASKA'S WILD PENINSULA -- Filmmaker John Grabowska reveals a cloud-cloaked landscape, the wilderness of the Alaska Peninsula.

10:30pm           REINDEER QUEEN -- Profiles "Sinrock Mary" Antisarlook, the Arctic's wealthiest woman during the Alaska Gold Rush.



Programming Notes 6/28 to 7/04

Written by Holly on Friday June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28

7pm                  ONR -- A new fish kill has some state officials wondering if they’re looking at a repeat of another massive fish kill from almost two years ago… As crews remove the remains of a defunct hospital ravaged by the May 20th tornado, plans are underway to bring a new medical facility to Moore… Debate roils over the use of private prisons as the director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections steps down… With the Supreme Court ruling on major cases this week, we look at how those outcomes will impact Oklahoma… ONR’s Cathy Tatom takes a look at what’s being done to help struggling readers before it’s too late… In the new Lyric Theatre presentation, audiences are whisked to the wilds of the jungle, without ever leaving the city… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business. 

9pm                  ANNIE: IT’S THE HARD-KNOCK LIFE, FROM SCRIPT TO STAGE -- This documentary is a behind the scenes look into the development of the Broadway musical, Annie. It follows the process of designing, casting, rehearsing and mounting the production.

10pm                RED GREEN SHOW – Start of the 800s series

10:23pm           DOCTOR WHO “Curse of the Black Spot” – Starring Downton Abbey’s Lord Grantham as the Pirate captain.


Saturday, June 29

7:30am             SUNUP -- SUNUP features the 2013 Oklahoma wheat harvest with visits to farms in Caddo and Ellis counties. Also: heat index, drought monitor, grain market analysis, ionophores for cattle, livestock bloat, National Resources Inventory of Grazing Land study and the science behind color change in ground beef.

2pm                  NATURE won’t be seen today because this week’s amazing and wonderful NOVA episode is 2 hours in length.


Sunday, June 30

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Supreme Court Review” -- We discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding marriage equality, voting rights and affirmative action with: Andrew Spiropoulos, Director of the Center for the Study of State Constitutional Law and Government at the Oklahoma City University School of Law… Rick Tepker, Professor of Law and Calvert Chair of Law and Liberty at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

6pm                  LIDIA CELEBRATES AMERICA “Freedom and Independence” -- Join host and chef Lidia Bastianich as she celebrates independence and freedom with different cultures across America. The celebrity cast includes actress Anna Deavere Smith, opera singer Renee Fleming, singer Martha Wainwright, chef Jacques Pepin and actor Alec Mapa.

7pm                  SECRETS OF HENRY VIII’S PALACE -- One of the most unique places in the world, Hampton Court is the ultimate Royal pleasure palace.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Inspector Lewis: Intelligent Design” – This is the last new Inspector Lewis episode. “Endeavor” begins next week, which is Inspector Morse when he was a rookie.

9:30pm             YOU DON’T KNOW JACK SOO -- Profiles Jack Soo, the first Asian American to be cast in the lead role in a television series.

This is the last night for VICAR OF DIBLEY. Our broadcast rights expire tonight at midnight. In its place will be AS TIME GOES BY at 11pm and 11:30pm through the month of July. Starting in August, DOC MARTIN will air on Sunday  nights at 11pm.


Monday, July 1

9pm                  POV “Special Flight” -- The plight of undocumented foreigners at the Frambois detention center in Switzerland is revealed.


Tuesday, July 2

7pm                  THE STATUE OF LIBERTY – Ken Burns chronicles the history of the Statue of Liberty and what it represents to all Americans. This premiered in 2002.

8pm                  MOUNT RUSHMORE: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE -- The wonderful and bizarre story of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial's creation is detailed.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “WikiSecrets” -- Julian Assange is interviewed in this look at the 2010 leak of classified documents on Wikileaks.

10pm                MEN WHO SAILED THE LIBERTY SHIPS -- Vivid firsthand accounts and archival footage illuminates the spirit of America's Merchant Marines.


Wednesday, July 3

8pm                  NOVA “Dogs Decoded” -- New genetic discoveries shed light on the origin of dogs as well as the evolution of human culture.

9pm                  SECRETS OF THE DEAD “The Silver Pharoah” -- The royal tomb of Pharaoh Psusennes I is a spectacular and remarkable ancient Egyptian treasure.

10pm                HOT DOG PROGRAM -- Visits some of the nation's coolest hot dog places and learn how and when this food became popular.


Thursday, July 4 

7pm                  A CAPITOL FOURTH -- A CAPITOL FOURTH, broadcast live from the West Lawn of the United States Capitol, features musical performances by some of the country's best known and award-winning musicians in performance with the National Symphony Orchestra. The annual broadcast of A CAPITOL FOURTH brings viewers the most spectacular fireworks display anywhere in the nation, capturing the pyrotechnics with 20 television cameras stationed around the city including at Washington, DC's iconic monuments. In tribute to America's birthday, the show is capped off with Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture," complete with live cannon fire provided by the United States Army Presidential Salute Battery.

8:30pm             A CAPITOL FOURTH repeat from 7pm

DOC MARTIN will return next week at its usual time. No episodes have been skipped.

10pm                ANTHEM -- This documentary tells the story behind Francis Scott Key's creation of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Programming Notes 6/21 to 6/27

Written by Holly on Friday June 21, 2013

Friday, June 21

7pm                  ONR -- The wheat harvest is heading north across Oklahoma, but the prospects this year are not promising… We examine the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Tarrant Regional Water District case on the future of water rights disputes in Oklahoma… Company towns have long been a driving force in America’s economy.  But, is it dying concept as the state’s business and commerce changes?... The new farm bill heads for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives… And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.

9pm                  IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE “Memphis Soul” -- The memorable soul sounds of Al Green, Mavis Staples, Otis Redding and more artists are honored.


Saturday, June 22

9pm                  OETA MOVIE CLUB “I Want to Live” – Tells the fictional story of a woman who convicted of a murder and execution. Starring Susan Hayward and Simon Oakland.


Sunday, June 23

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM -- “Invisible Eve” -- We discuss a new book about women in prison in Oklahoma, “Invisible Eve,” and the effects of Oklahoma high rate of female incarceration with guests: Yousef Khanfar, Photographer, “Invisible Eve”… Susan Sharp, Ph.D., Presidential Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Oklahoma 

7pm                  Royal Memories: Prince Charles' Tribute to the Queen -- Prince Charles leads a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth, featuring exclusive footage and photos.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Inspector Lewis, Series VI: The Ramblin’ Boy” -- The discovery of an elderly man's body in a field leads Lewis to investigate a funeral home.

9:30pm             PEARL SCOTT CARTER: ON TOP OF THE WORLD – The youngest licensed American pilot ever, Pearl Carter Scott from Marlowe, Oklahoma and friend of Wiley Post is profiled.


Monday, June 24

9pm                  POV “Homegoings” -- The beauty and grace of African American funerals are explored from a historic Harlem neighborhood.


Tuesday, June 25

7pm                  HENRY FORD: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE -- Henry Ford's car transformed the lives of millions and his assembly line changed modern industry.

9pm                  FRONTLINE “Rape in the Fields” -- Sexual assaults of immigrant women working in America's fields and packing plants are investigated.

10pm                THE GROVE -- The National AIDS Memorial is a seven-acre grove hidden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.


Wednesday, June 26

8pm                  NOVA “Earth From Space” -- NOVA takes data from earth-observing satellites and transforms it into dazzling visual sequences.

10pm                APOLLO 17: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE LAST MEN ON THE MOON -- Recounts the historic voyage of the final moon landing that occurred in December of 1972.


Thursday, June 27

7pm                  GALLERY #1307 “From the Vine” and “Shaping Life” --  From the Vine: John Hernandez is a modern day artist who is carrying on an artistic tradition that is 10,000 years old. Join Gallery in June as we take you to Lawton to meet a man who can turn a common gourd into an uncommon work of art with paint, pine needles and passion. Shaping Life: Art is the fusion of one's experience, the elements of design and quality materials. All of this is driven by the creative idea and craftsmanship. Glen Thomas began drawing when he was four and does not show signs of tiring of this activity. 

9pm                  DOC MARTIN “Don’t Let Go” -- Joe Penhale is desperate to keep his ex-wife Maggie. Tension is mounting between Louisa and Martin.