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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

RAGGS Winner from Tulsa

Written by Holly on Thursday September 10, 2009

raggs_prodAn OETA viewer was hand-picked as a winner in the first Raggs Rockin' Kids Search this summer. The RAGGS production crew received more than 1,000 entries from viewers across the country. Only 100 of them were given a free trip to Charlotte, NC to tape a RAGGS segment with Dumpster the Cat at the WTVI studios.

LydiaWe were all excited to hear that 7-year old Lydia from Tulsa was among the winners. Congratulations, Lydia!!

One of the most popular segments in RAGGS is when the kids sit down and chat with Dumpster. They discuss a variety of topics that ultimately contribute to the overarching theme of each episode. Dumpster is quick-witted and engaging when talking to the children and their candid replies are priceless.

When asked about her interview with Dumpster, Lydia said, "I tried to answer the questions to help little kids learn and he asked me 'what's acting?' I wanted to say 'you're acting, I'm acting, you're just a puppet Dumpster,' but I didn't because the kids watching the show think the cat was really a cat."

The winners of the Raggs Rockin' Kids Search were selected based on the following criteria: conversation, animation, and natural comfort in front of the camera, which I'm sure our Lydia has in spades! If you'd like more information about this contest or future contests, keep an eye on the RAGGS website.

RAGGS airs every day at 7:30am and 8:30pm on OETA KIDS. No word yet when Lydia's episode will air.

Sesame Street's Lifetime Achievement Award

Written by Holly on Thursday September 10, 2009

tuxedosAs you have probably seen in the press -- SESAME STREET was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Television Academy during the Daytime Emmys.

This brings the total to a record-breaking 122 Emmys (not counting the Lifetime Achievement Award).

Here's the clip from the Emmys with a look back at the last 40 years and a hilarious live performance that will make you laugh and cry (seriously, I did)...

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Presidential Address to Congress

Written by Holly on Tuesday September 8, 2009

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress on the subject of health care reform plans tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7pm.  OETA will provide live coverage of the address.

Rather than preempting FAMILIES STAND TOGETHER: FEELING SECURE IN TOUGH TIMES, we're going to slide that program down to 8pm.... and slide YOUR LIFE, YOUR MONEY from 8pm to 9pm... and slide WIDE ANGLE "Time for School, Part 2" from 9pm to 10pm.

Unfortunately, LEGENDS & LYRICS will not be seen at all on this night or in the near future. We will have to save it for another day.

Childrens Programming Changes

Written by Holly on Monday September 7, 2009

pbskidsIt happens every fall... PBS introduces new children's programs and rearranges the daily feed schedule, and we do the best we can to adjust to the changes.

We understand that children (and parents!) grow attached to OETA's schedule the way it is and don't like it when things change. That's why these changes occur around the same time that school starts. The theory is that it's best to lump all of life's changes together and adjust to them all simultaneously.

Here are this year's children's programming changes...

7am -- CURIOUS GEORGE -- No change. However, on Monday, September 7th, DINOSAUR TRAIN will air from 7am to 9am to launch that new series. The regular 7am to 8:30am programs will return to their usual time on Tuesday.

7:30am -- SID THE SCIENCE KID -- No change

8am -- SUPERWHY! -- No change

8:30am --  DINOSAUR TRAIN -- This new Jim Henson animated series bumps CLIFFORD out of the morning block. CLIFFORD has now moved to 12:30pm.

9am -- SESAME STREET -- No change

10am to Noon -- During the school year, this timeslot is organized by the OK State Department of Education. If you grew attached to  RAGGS, ZULA PATROL, MAMA MIRABELLE and FRANNY'S FEET, you can seen them on OETA Kids.

12pm -- BETWEEN THE LIONS - This has moved from 12:30pm because READING RAINBOW's broadcast rights have expired. Click here for a little more information. 

12:30pm -- CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG -- Moved from 8:30am to accomodate for DINOSAUR TRAIN. 

1pm -- MARTHA SPEAKS -- This moved from the later afternoon timeslot because we found that preschool children rather than older children preferred this program. DRAGON TALES was eliminated from the schedule on our main channel, but it can be seen on OETA Kids weekdays at 11:30am and 2:30pm. In order to introduce a new program, we have to eliminate an old one, and after much research and consideration, it came down to DRAGON TALES. There haven't been any new episodes produced in a long time and we've received many complaints over the years that parents and caregivers find no educational value in that series. Max, Emmy, Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie, you shall be missed.

1:30pm -- BARNEY & FRIENDS -- No change

2pm -- WORDWORLD -- No change

2:30pm -- THOMAS & FRIENDS - No change for now. However, Thomas fans need to brace themselves for the end of this year when all episodes expire. Starting in January, THOMAS & FRIENDS will go the way of READING RAINBOW.  

3pm -- CURIOUS GEORGE -- No change

3:30pm -- ARTHUR -- No change

4pm -- WORDGIRL -- This used to be at 4:30pm, but we moved it up a half hour to accomodate for ELECTRIC COMPANY'S new daily timeslot. MARTHA SPEAKS moved to 1pm because we found it appealed more to preschoolers who are home during the day while their older brothers and sisters are at school.

4:30pm -- ELECTRIC COMPANY -- PBS has given this a daily slot in the schedule rather than just on Fridays like it used to be. We hope to hear positive feedback about this.

The schedule of children's programming on OETA KIDS and OETA OKLA has also changed significantly due to PBS's feed schedule changes.

If you would like to give your feedback about any of these changes, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Dinosaur Train

Written by Holly on Sunday September 6, 2009

Dinosaur_TrainBuddyWe've all been waiting for it, and it's finally here... DINOSAUR TRAIN!! 

The new CGI-animated series premieres on Monday with a two-hour marathon 7am to 9am. DINOSAUR TRAIN embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while encouraging basic scientific thinking and skills as the audience learns about natural science, natural history and paleontology.

DINOSAUR TRAIN is seen through the eyes of Buddy, a preschool-aged Tyrannosaurus Rex. Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons go for adventures on the Dinosaur Train to meet all kinds of dinosaurs in different eras and learn fascinating new facts about these incredible creatures.

Starting Tuesday, DINOSAUR TRAIN will air Monday through Friday at 8:30am on OETA's main channel and 1:30pm on OETA Kids. It will air Saturday mornings on OETA Okla at 7:30am and again at 10:30am.

Here's the promo...

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