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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Vaccination Day for Sid the Science Kid

Written by Holly on Sunday October 25, 2009

sidgangOETA and SID THE SCIENCE KID want to make getting a shot less scary for kids and offer parents and caregivers age-appropriate resources for this important issue.

On Monday, October 26, the Emmy-nominated series SID THE SCIENCE KID will premiere a special episode perfect for flu season.

In "Getting a shot: You Can Do It!," it's vaccination day at Sid's school and Sid and his friends are a little apprehensive about getting a shot. Thankfully, a very special nurse will be giving the kids their vaccination -- Sid's Grandma! Throughout the episode, Grandma, Teacher Susie, Mom and Dad all do their part to make vaccination day a fun learning experience filled with music, games and lots of laughs.

The special episode is supported by online games, activities and resources for kids, parents and educators. At pbskids.org/sid, kids can learn about germs, illness and getting shots through age-appropriate activities and videos. For parents and caregivers, PBS Parents features resources to help children cope with illness and overcome fears they may face about going to the doctor. PBS Teachers will host a PBS Teachers live Webinar for educators about this episode and how teachers can help children stay healthy at school.

SID THE SCIENCE KID airs on OETA weekdays at 7:30am. After its premiere on Monday, October 26, this special episode will air many more times during flu season, with the first repeat being this Thursday, October 29.  

New Yankee Workshop

Written by Holly on Saturday October 24, 2009

norm-abram-new-yankeeAfter twenty-one successful seasons on PBS, the producers of THE NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP will no longer be making new episodes. But the popular how-to series will not leave the OETA schedule immediately. The producers will supply PBS stations with enough encore episodes to last until the end of the year.

The NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP's companion Web site, www.newyankee.com, will continue to provide viewers the opportunity to get into the shop with project plans, DVDs, a Q&A section, and more.

Host Norm Abram isn't hanging up his toolbelt anytime soon. He will continue his work on the weekly series THIS OLD HOUSE.

Replacing NEW YANKEE WORKSHOP in the OETA schedule will be ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, a question and answer series that takes the THIS OLD HOUSE team to viewer's doorsteps to help solve their home repair problems. ASK THIS OLD HOUSE will air Saturdays at 1pm starting January 2, 2010.

The Final Hours: Amelia Earhart's Final Hours

Written by Holly on Wednesday October 21, 2009

ameliamovieAmelia Earhart fans will have to wait three more days before the new Hilary Swank movie "Amelia" opens in theatres. The story of the aviation legend lights up the big screen this Friday, October 23rd.

If you just can't wait until then, turn on your little screen tonight for THE FINAL HOURS: AMELIA EARHART'S LAST FLIGHT. The documentary will take you on a journey around the world in a vintage Lockheed Electra, recreating Earhart's 1937 world flight and revealing the woman behind the legend.AmeliaEarhart

There have been many programs about Amelia Earhart, but none have enabled the audience to relive the experience of early long-distance flying, while explaining the background to her final, fatal flight quite like this one. Not only will viewers relive the epic flight around the world while meeting the woman behind the legend, but the film also offers a new solution to the mystery.

Navigator Bowen Weisheit flew the waters of the South Pacific during WWII and studied at the Weems School, the same school that Amelia's navigator, Fred Noonan, attended. Weisheit offers his theory of what went wrong on their last flight - a theory validated by the on-camera experts from the National Air and Space Museum. It hinges upon a fundamental disagreement between Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan.

Tune in tonight, Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm for THE FINAL HOURS: AMELIA EARHART'S LAST FLIGHT.

"DINOSAUR TRAIN" Halloween Costume

Written by Holly on Wednesday October 21, 2009

BuddyAre you still struggling to come up with a Halloween costume for your little one? If your child likes DINOSAUR TRAIN, or even if they just like dinosaurs in general, Jim Henson's Creature Shop put together a free downloadable Buddy costume pattern on the PBS Parents website. 

Love it, but don't have time to sew it? No worries! The Creature Shop also created simple instructions for no-sew option that you can put together in a snap.

Here's a peek at the finished costume in action...

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ARTHUR episode -- "The Great MacGrady"

Written by Holly on Tuesday October 20, 2009

You and your kids may notice that we're airing the same episode of ARTHUR every day this week. This is not a mistake.

BinkyLanceIn the episode titled "The Great MacGrady," guest-star Lance Armstrong rides into Elwood City to help Arthur and the gang cope with the news that their beloved lunch lady, Mrs. MacGrady, has cancer.  Arthur and his friends all react differently to the news - Arthur and D.W. rush to her side with heaps of chicken soup and stuffed animals, Muffy tries to pretend that nothing in her life has changed, and Francine is so upset she can't even bring herself to visit Mrs. MacGrady.

For twelve years, ARTHUR has helped children and families talk about important issues--from asthma, to dyslexia, to the death of a pet. Now, in its 13th season, the series takes on the difficult topic of cancer.To ensure this message is seen by all ARTHUR audiences at least once, "The Great MacGrady" airs every day this week at 3:30pm.arthur

The decision to run the episode daily was made by PBS and LIVESTRONG: The Lance Armstrong Foundation because it is an effective way to reach audiences and facilitate repeat viewings for families. According to LIVESTRONG: The Lance Armstrong Foundation, 75 percent of families with children are affected by cancer in some way - be it a family member or a friend of the family. Unfortunately, there are very few resources that offer specific guidance for helping our youngest children cope with this challenging reality. The repeat broadcasts of ARTHUR "The Great MacGrady" is supported by extensive outreach components to make the topic as accessible as possible to children, families, and educators so they have the tools to start a conversation about this important topic impacting kids.

New episodes of ARTHUR will return to the schedule next week.