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Hello. My name is Holly. I'm part of a team of people who assemble the programming schedule for OETA.

We look at the PBS national schedule, local programs and programs from other stations and distributors. We take in all that information and combine it with Member ballot feedback and viewer suggestions, and at the end of the month, I put together a schedule for each of our four channels.

The following are some notes about upcoming programs, preemptions and other points of interest that viewers might not hear otherwise. I hope you'll find it useful!

Programming Notes 7/22 to 7/28

Written by Holly on Friday July 22, 2011

 Friday, July 22

7pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT -- Topics discussed in this week's episode include... After 39 years, an Oklahoma family finds justice in a case against a multi-national energy company... Oklahoma’s largest Indian tribe faces another election for principal chief… Treating cancer through a holistic approach… Religious scholars travel to Oklahoma to learn the secrets of the Bible… Sustainability is the word for Oklahoma farmers… And, a hands-on introduction to Okie Noodling.


Saturday, July 23

7:30am             SUNUP – Looks in to the dangers of using drought-damaged corn as silage or hay for livestock. Also, pond maintenance during drought, summer crop insects, Mesonet weather, cattle mortality protocol, grain market analysis, fan mister construction and turfgrass installation at the new Cowboy football practice fields.

 10am                PRIMAL GRILL – Our audience really seem to like this series. We started airing them when the series was in its third year of production. Because of its popularity, we've obtained the broadcast rights to the first two seasons. They start today with Episode One. 


Sunday, July 24

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUM – “Journalistic Ethics and the British Phone Hacking Scandal” -- Oklahoma journalists analyze the British phone hacking scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and its impact on the American newspaper industry, with guests: Joe Worley, Executive Editor of The Tulsa World… Kelly Dyer Fry, Editor of The Oklahoman and Vice President for the OPUBCO Communications Group… Charles Self, PhD, Director of the Institute for Research and Training at the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication… Terry Clark, PhD, Director of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame and Professor of Journalism at the University of Central Oklahoma

 9:30pm             TREASURES OF THE GILCREASE “Charles Russell: Western Story Teller” – Charles Russell remains one of the most significant American artists of the early 20th century.  His depictions of cowboys, American Indians, historical figures and Western fauna are among the most well-known portrayals of the late 19th and early 20th century Western experience. Copies of this program can be purchased through the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.


Tuesday, July 26

8pm                  FRONTLINE “The Pot Republic” -- The country's oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market is investigated in California. This is a *new* episode.

9:30pm             POV “Mugabe and the White African” -- This program, much of which was filmed clandestinely, tells an alarming story from one of the world's most troubled nations. In Zimbabwe, de facto dictator Robert Mugabe has unleashed a "land reform" program aimed at driving whites from the country through violence and intimidation. One proud "white African," however, has challenged Mugabe with human rights abuses under international law. The courage Michael Campbell and his family display as they defend their farm -- in court and on the ground -- makes for a film as inspiring as it is harrowing.


 Thursday, July 28

7pm                  STATELINE #502 “Missing Pieces” – Looks at two of the state's most widely publicized, and arguably, most frustrating cold cases.  In both, suspects were charged and taken to court.  In both, the suspects walked away from court, but were escorted back to prison on previous convictions.  In both, the truth died when the suspects died in prison. Decades have passed since those case files collected the first dust mote. (Original Broadcast Date: 10/16/03) 

 7:30pm             GALLERY #1201 “Drawn in Detail/Rocking Horse Dreams” – GREG BURNS "DRAWN IN DETAIL": Ink drawings of landmark areas around Oklahoma… ROCKING HORSE DREAMS: Jackie Wilson, wood artist  (Original Broadcast Date: 7/14/11)

Programming Notes 7/15 to 7/21

Written by Holly on Friday July 15, 2011

Friday, July 15
7pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT – First episode of the weekly 60min version.

8pm                  WASHINGTON WEEK – Moves from 7pm to 8pm. It will still repeat on Sunday at noon.

NEED TO KNOW will no longer air in primetime on Main. It can be seen at 4am on Sunday mornings (Main) and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm (OKLA).


Saturday, July 16
7:30am             SUNUP – Examines the urban agriculture industry by featuring its impact on the Oklahoma economy, visiting a sod farm in Bixby and discussing turfgrass research with an Oklahoma State University scientist. Also, Mesonet weather, canola versus wheat, cattle autopsy and shop advice.

6pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT – The Friday night episode repeats in this timeslot, preempting the repeat of OUTDOOR OKLAHOMA (still premieres Sundays at 8am) and the repeat of RICK STEVES' EUROPE (still premieres Sundays at 4:30pm).


 Sunday, July 17

New lineup for News & Public Affairs programs…

12:30pm           OKLAHOMA FORUMCLOSER TO TRUTH is no longer on the schedule, at least for now

1pm                  MCLAUGHLIN GROUP

1:30pm             RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLYINSIDE E STREET is no longer on the Main schedule. It can be seen on OKLA at various times.

2pm                  OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT – Repeat of Friday episode.

3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Rattlesnake Roundup - Apache's Rattlesnake Festival started in 1983 when a few people in town thought it would be a good idea to help control the snake population... Extreme Catfishing - Noodling is not for the faint of heart (or Tanya McHenry). Oklahoma noodling enthusiast Kaleb Summers leads an expedition into northeastern Oklahoma lake waters for a first-hand demonstration of this unique sport… Tourism Impact - Bill Geist, one of America's most passionate speakers on the topic of the impact of tourism, drives home the message that tourism is critical to state economy… Bat Watch - The Mexican Free-tailed Bat migrates to Alabaster Caverns State Park south of Freedom, Oklahoma each year. These bats provide a huge economic benefit to local farmers and ranchers as tourists come to watch their impressive evening flights.

8pm                  MASTERPIECE MYSTERY – New “Zen” series -- Detective Aurelio Zen brings justice to modern-day Italy, whether the authorities want it or not.


Monday, July 18
OKLA -- Due to the Japanese holiday, NEWSLINE will be replaced with ASIA 7 DAYS in the 11am timeslot on OKLA today. NEWSLINE returns on Tuesday in its usual time.


Tuesday, July 19
8pm                  FRONTLINE “Kill/Capture” -- An investigation into the US campaign of targeted killing includes interviews with General Petraeus.

9pm                  WILL ROGERS AND AMERICAN POLITICS -- Rare archival film footage sheds light on one of the most powerful political voices in the 1930s. (This program will air again in the future on Main, but we don’t have a date in mind yet. It will also air many times on OKLA. It can be ordered from Rogers State University for $29.95 by calling 800-823-7210 or visiting their website www.rsupublictv.org.)

10pm                POV “Biblioburro, The Donkey Library” -- A look at a Colombian teacher who used two hard-working donkeys to bring books to poor children.


Wednesday, July 20
10pm                PIDGIN: THE VOICE OF HAWAII -- Born on sugar plantations and spoken by more than half of Hawaii's population, the Pidgin language - part English, part Hawaiian, with influences from other languages - captures the essence of multi-ethnic Hawaii. This documentary profiles this working-class language from its rise as plantation jargon to a source of island identity and pride. The film draws on a variety of sources, including archival, academic and other expert commentary, man-on-the-street interviews and performance to shed light on this colorful language.


Thursday, July 21
7pm                  STATELINE #1301 “Retirement Boom” – Sixty years after the "baby boom" some Oklahoma businesses find caring for boomers' retirement needs is big business. (Original Broadcast 7/07/11)

7:30pm             GALLERY #1008 – The fine tradition of china painting is alive and well in Oklahoma. The World Organization of China Painters Headquarters and Museum in Oklahoma City draws enthusiasts from around the globe and home grown artists continue to create phenomenal master pieces. Gallery visits the museum and travels to Ada to visit one of the state's most prolific china painters to see how it's done…. Tony Rincon graduated from the Berklee School of Music in Boston and returned home to Fairview, Oklahoma to perform across the state and to build guitars.  Gallery follows him on stage to hear the sounds of his much and behind the scenes to see craftsmanship of his instruments with bodies made from Easter Red Cedar, the same wood his parents used to create custom coffins and caskets out of the same workshop. (Original Broadcast 5/06/10)

Programming Notes 7/01 to 7/14

Written by Holly on Friday July 1, 2011

onrI'm taking some vacation time for a few days and I thought I'd leave you with some programming notes... 

Friday, July 1

6:30pm             OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT – Final half-hour newscast. ONR will return as a 60-min program Fridays at 7pm starting 7/15. More information here.

7:30pm             NEED TO KNOW -- Iinterview with Simon Johnson, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, about how debt, on both sides of the Atlantic, will shape our economic futures for many years to come… Congressional districts are being redrawn, and some of the most familiar members of Congress risk losing their seats before a vote is cast… Alison Stewart interviews two of The New York Times journalists featured in the documentary "Page One: Inside The New York Times”… Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner provides animated commentary on the inability of Congress and the Administration to come to terms on a deficit deal… After serving 18 months in prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring, Michael Vick got a second chance.  But what happened to the dogs?  The remarkable story of the rescue and redemption of these dogs. (Original Air Date: January 21, 2011)

10:25                DOCTOR WHO “The Eleventh Hour” – Last week was the final episode of Series 5. We don’t have the broadcast rights to Series 6 yet, so we’re showing Series 5 over again. We’ll air Series 6 as soon as we get the rights, but it probably won’t be until early 2012.


Saturday, July 2
July begins the new “season” of our local programs. The episode numbers will advance to the next “hundred” (i.e. Sunup was #352 last week and is #401 this week).

7:30am             SUNUP – Travels to Peach Crest Farms in Stratford, Oklahoma, to check out the quality of the peach crop. Plus, Mesonet weather, grain and cattle market analysis, heifer reproduction, hex-head screws and battling weeds in summer crops.


Sunday, July 3
1pm                  OKLAHOMA FORUM – Preempted this weekend due to the holiday. KALB REPORT “All The News That's Fit to Print: Behind The Scenes at The New York Times” is airing in the 1pm timeslot instead.


3pm                  OKLAHOMA HORIZON -- Oklahoma Profile - Pioneering business woman, Edna Hennessee, lived through the Dust Bowl days and Depression to launch her own line of cosmetics… Clara Luper - While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the national civil rights movement, Clara Luper emerged as Oklahoma's civil rights leader… Plight of the Bee - Beekeepers in Kiowa discuss how mite and pesticide damage to bee hives could affect honey prices. Made in Oklahoma - Henry Boudreaux from the OKC Museum of Art Cafe joins Chef Kurt… The Brasserie - An Oklahoma chef offers French cuisine with an Oklahoma twist at his Tulsa restaurant.


Monday, July 4 -- Happy 4th of July!
5pm to 7pm      News programs change today! The new lineup is:

OKLAHOMA NEWS REPORT will return to the schedule at a new time (Fridays at 7pm) starting 7/15. Programming changes also take place on OKLA. The changes will continue for the next three weeks while adjustments are being made. Many programs will have new time periods. Rather than going in to detail, it’s best to take a look at the full OKLA schedule here on the OETA website.


Tuesday, July 5
9pm                  PRESERVING OKLAHOMA HISTORY #102 – For more information about this, contact Leon Smith or Bob Sands.

9:30pm             POV “Sweetgrass” -- The last modern-day cowboys lead their sheep up into the breathtaking mountains of Montana.


Wednesday, July 6
10pm                AUTISM: COMING OF AGE -- An inside look at the lives of three adults with autism, including interviews with their families. I don’t know if we’ll air this again, but it’s not in the schedule again at this time.


Thursday, July 7
7pm                  STATELINE “Retirement Boom” #1301 -- Sixty years after the "baby boom" some Oklahoma businesses find caring for boomers' retirement needs is big business. (Premiere)


7:30pm             GALLERY #1007 “Culinary Arts” -- Gallery takes you to the Culinary Institute at Platt College, the top culinary school in the state, where chefs who've worked all over the world are teaching the next generation what it takes to be the best in their field, or in the kitchen. (Original Broadcast 4/01/10)


Friday, July 8
9pm                  LIVE FROM THE ARTISTS DEN “Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs” – This is one episode of a whole “Live From the Artists Den” series. We’re not able to air all of the episodes, but this one was highly requested so we found a place for it.

10:25pm           DOCTOR WHO “The Beast Below” -- We don’t have the broadcast rights to Series 6 yet, so starting last week, we began Series 5 over again. We’ll air Series 6 as soon as we get the rights, but it probably won’t be until early 2012.


Saturday, July 9
8pm                  FOREVER PLAID -- This Off-Broadway musical pays an affectionate homage to the close-harmony guy groups of the 1950s. This was produced as a pledge special, so I’m not sure if there are videos available.


Sunday, July 10
9:30pm             MASTERPIECE MYSTERY “Miss Marple: The Pale Horse” -- Julia McKenzie is back as Agatha Christie's detective with a gentle smile and probing mind. Miss Marple's old friend is found murdered and, when she receives a list of names sent by the victim before his death, Miss Marple seeks justice.


Tuesday, July 12
9pm                  EXPLORE ADA #123 -- Features on instrument maker Richard Ross, a giant horse sculpture and saddle maker/leather artist David Salge. For more information about this program, call 580-436-6300 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

9:30pm             POV “Enemies of the People” -- Sheds light on the Khmer Rouge slaughter of nearly two million people in the late 1970s in Cambodia.


Thursday, July 14
7pm                  STATELINE #1203 “White Man’s Road” – The life of Quanah Parker, first and last chief over all the Comanches.  Parker is credited with preserving many Comanche traditions, but criticized for adopting the European and white American way of life. (Original Broadcast 10/14/10)

7:30pm             GALLERY #1201 “Drawn in Detail/Rocking Horse Dreams” – Local artist Greg Burns creates ink drawings of landmarks around Oklahoma. And a feature on wood artist Jackie Wilson. (PREMIERE)

Pearl - The Movie

Written by Holly on Saturday June 11, 2011

PearlYou won't want to miss your date with BJ Wexler tonight. He has a real treat for you!

Tonight is the world television premiere of the movie "Pearl". It's the true story of Pearl Carter Scott, a Marlow native and the youngest person in American history to become a liscenced pilot. 

OETA Movie Club starts an hour early tonight at 8pm. Get your popcorn and be there!



NEED TO KNOW Preempted

Written by Holly on Friday June 10, 2011

We are preempting NEED TO KNOW tonight at 7:30pm so that we can bring you the documentary A CONVERSATION WITH CLARA LUPER. The Civil Rights pioneer passed away earlier this week.

NEED TO KNOW can be seen tomorrow night (Saturday) on OKLA at 7:30pm. If you are unable to receive OKLA, set your DVR/VCR to record our Main channel at 3:30am Sunday morning . If this also isn't an option, NEED TO KNOW has their full-length episodes available on their website following the premiere broadcast.