National Features


The Kalb Report

A news and public affairs series moderated by distinguished journalist and scholar Marvin Kalb that offers one-on-one conversations and panel discussions on topics at the intersection of press, politics and public policy. Past guests include Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, Thomas Friedman, Judith Miller, Bob Costas, Bill O’Reilly, Dan Rather, Jim Lehrer, Ken Burns, Elie Wiesel and Seymour Hersh. Watch now!


The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show was first seen on network TV in 1955.  Today, the OETA Foundation provides the series to PBS stations across the country. Welk’s formula of champagne music and a family of wholesome musicians, singers and dancers has endeared an audience of millions of viewers.



Brighter Day Ahead

Singer-songwriter Ann-Janette Webster delivers her piano-driven rock to a live audience at Bartlesville, Oklahoma’s Pioneer Loft. Join the Bartlesville native for a musical journey, with special guests including Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra’s maestro and cellist Lauren Green. Webster’s brother and sister also join her for an original acoustic set. Watch clips.


Death of the Old West

An in-depth documentary focusing on the aftermath of an infamous hanging in 1909 in Ada, Oklahoma. The mob responsible achieved their desired results by effectively driving the outlaw element out of town, but in the process perpetrated a terrible miscarriage of justice that divides people of Ada to this day. Watch a preview.


Gallery: Smithsonian National Museum Special

The National Museum of the American Indian, along the National Mall in Washington, D.C., appears as if shaped by the hands of time, rather than man’s. Enjoy an up-close view of the pomp and pageantry that marked the opening of this Smithsonian museum. The grand opening witnessed the largest gathering ever of Native American tribes to converge on our nation’s capital.


Okie Noodling

For centuries, a unique breed of fishermen has been catching monster catfish with their bare hands in the rivers and lakes of Oklahoma. Today, the tradition of "noodling" still has Okie anglers hooked. This documentary by Bradley Beesley features interviews with hardcore handfishing veterans as well as footage of real noodlers in action. Set against an original musical score by rock band The Flaming Lips, Okie Noodling offers an anecdotal look at a most unusual piece of Midwest American culture.


Okie Noodling II

In 2001, filmmaker Bradley Beesley brought the strange subculture of bare-handed catfishing to the screen in Okie Noodling. Now he returns to his home state of Oklahoma to see how the sport has evolved over the last decade. Revisiting the colorful, original cast and meeting some new and eccentric fishermen en route to the largest noodling tournament in the nation, this film explores the legalization issues and commercialization of this once backwoods practice. Watch a preview.

Sgt. Fitch: The Legacy of Sarg Records

The film explores the advent and influence of Sarg Records, a small independently owned record label cultivated by WWII hero, Sgt. Charlie Fitch. With his unconventional approach to the recording industry, Fitch redefined Texas music in the 1950s by mixing ethnic styles and different genres to create entirely new ones. Although, Sarg played a significant role in launching some of today’s rock ‘n’ roll and country music legends, the label’s legacy arguably lies in the overlooked and undervalued treasures from its relatively unknown artists. Watch a preview.


Lawrence Welk

Milestones and Memories

The Welk Stars and musicians are the guides on this unforgettable musical journey through the 20th century, recalling entertaining stories from the past and some of the Show's historic milestones, illustrated by rare archive footage and photographs.


TV Treasures

The first all-encompassing documentary about the legendary television series. It features entertaining, rarely seen footage from more than 50 years of the longest-running series on national television, as well as outstanding never-before-seen archival performances by members of the Welk Musical Family, starting with the earliest days of the show.


Welk Stars: Through the Years
Hosted by Mary Lou Metzger, the program features outstanding musical numbers from Welk PBS specials from the past 10 years.