This Week on ONR for August 30, 2013

This week on ONR for August 30, 2013: 

• The killing of an international student in Duncan is the kind of story that appears almost daily the news media. But this story is different, and has captured the attention of the world.
• In a Newsmaker Interview, First District Congressman Jim Bridenstine discusses the federal budget, sequestration and the crisis in Iraq – top issues Congress must deal with when it returns from its August recess.
• As the U.S. heads closer to military involvement in Syria, we learn about the political climate in the region from an Oklahoma scholar/educator.
• Amid a teacher shortage, State Superintendent Janet Barresi calls on school districts to give teachers a pay raise.
• A government study could lead to raises for state employees who have gone years without a salary increase.
• Fifty years after the Equal Pay Act promised equal pay for equal work, women still work for less.
• Testing is complete on the cause of a major fish kill in the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River.
• A Skiatook artist makes a name for himself as a teacher.
• The Cherokee Nation celebrates the 61st anniversary of its National Holiday.
• And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.