This Week on ONR-6-14-13


This week on ONR for June 14, 2013:

  • Efforts by members of the Comanche Nation to preserve a historic cemetery meet with resistance from the U.S. Army in Lawton.
  • A coalition of groups plans a summer of protest against construction of the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline project.
  • A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court sides with Oklahoma in a lawsuit brought by a regional water district in Texas over water rights.
  • In a Newsmaker Interview, Congressman Frank Lucas, Chair of the House Agriculture Committee, discusses the progress being made on the new farm bill.
  • Rescue workers make one last push to re-connect pets found after the Moore and El Reno tornadoes with their owners before putting the animals up for adoption.
  • We discover why thousands of Oklahomans are making paintball part of their Oklahoma Life.
  • And, Ted Streuli of The Journal Record reviews the week in business.



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