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The Arab Spring and terrorism after bin Laden

Written by Dick Pryor on Friday June 17, 2011

It's called the Arab Spring, and it's been one of the most dramatic periods of time in recent memory in the Arab world.  Beginning with revolution in Tunisia, pro-democracy movements have been spreading throughout the region.  Events are happening quickly in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen as anti-government protesters, many of them young people armed with social media, are changing the face of their countries.

In addition to the spread of democracy, the death of Osama bin Laden has changed the dynamics of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond.  Our guests are specially-qualified to discuss the rapidly-changing situation and the impact of these historic events in our post-9/11 world.  Don Betz joined us in our Tulsa office.  He is President of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, and was recently named to the post of President of the University of Central Oklahoma.  Dr. Betz is an expert on the region and for more than 20 years has worked with and for the United Nations on Middle East issues.  Mohamed Daadaoui is an assistant professor of political science at Oklahoma City University.  His academic interests include Middle East and North African politics.  Dr. Daadaoui came to us via Skype from Morocco.

We were scheduled to be joined by another Oklahoman who is an expert on the region, but at the last moment Joshua Landis was called to testify before the United Nations about Syria.   Dr. Landis is the Director of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and author of a highly-read newsletter, Syria Comment.  We missed having him with us, but as expected, Betz and Daadaoui provided great insights and context to the major stories that are developing during this Arab Spring.

To those who have contacted us to compliment us on this program - thank you.  We are firm believers that we have many knowledgeable people in Oklahoma who need to be heard from about significant issues, and this week's program is a testament to the importance of understanding stories of worldwide significance that all of us as citizens of the world.  Thanks for watching.

Until next time,

Dick Pryor

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