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Tracking Oklahoma's Weather

Written by Dick Pryor on Monday April 13, 2009

Sunday’s program, Tracking Oklahoma’s Weather, gave us the chance to talk about one of our favorite discussion topics - the weather. This year has seen the gamut of weather in Oklahoma, including damaging wild fires caused by dry conditions and high winds.

OETA meteorologist Ross Dixon and Gary McManus of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey were the guests. Gary does a lot of work in crunching weather data and applying the information for various uses - business and agriculture, in particular. He looks at historical trends (hind-casting) and develops patterns to help predict what the weather is likely to be.

Ross uses that data in determining his forecast, and also relies on the information provided by the NOAA forecast center and storm prediction center in Norman. We are fortunate to have such advanced scientific teams and data available to us here in “Tornado Alley.”

Of particular interest, Gary and Ross discussed climate change, or what is sometimes referred to as global warming. Originally a skeptic, Gary told me that overwhelming data indicates the earth is indeed warming. Ross agrees (he’s been a global warming critic for years), but Ross and Gary disagree on the amount of influence of man on the warming that has occurred in recent decades. That disagreement is what makes for interesting debate. If you’re interested in Oklahoma’s weather (and who isn’t?) be sure to watch Oklahoma Forum when you have a chance.

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