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Budget talks to heat up

Written by Dick Pryor on Monday March 30, 2009

Our State Capitol Reporters Roundtable brought some interesting issues to light on Sunday. Lawmakers have been waiting to hear more about the federal economic stimulus package and its requirements before getting in deep on the state budget and appropriations, but look for that to change.

Michael McNutt of The Oklahoman pointed out that time is starting to be an issue, and the appropriation process can’t wait much longer. Look for some action there this week. Also, having missed their self-imposed April 1 deadline for funding education first every year except one since the bill passed, there may be some pressure to move faster this year.

All four panelists weighed in on the recent controversy regarding Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee. Each thinks he will survive his federal tax lien and late traffic ticket payments because he is generally well-liked by his party caucus and others at the capitol. Janice, Scott, Michael and Michael also pointed out that there is jostling for power going on at the capitol and that will bear watching down the homestretch.

Do you have any thoughts about the show, or what we talked about? Let us know. We like hearing from you.

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