Bullying and the Documentary "Bully"

April 15, 2012:  Bullying and the Documentary, "Bully"


We discuss bullying in Oklahoma schools and the new documentary, "Bully," with Oklahomans from Tuttle and Perkins featured in the movie:

Kelby Johnson, Bullied Student from Tuttle

Londa Johnson, Kelby's Mother

Kirk Smalley, Dad of Ty Smalley, Bullied Student from Perkins who committed suicide at age 11; President of Stand for the Silent

(Pictured above, left to right:  Host Dick Pryor, Londa Johnson, Kelby Johnson, Kirk Smalley)

Links from the Program:

"Bully" (The Bully Project)

Stand for the Silent

NOTE:  This program was originally scheduled to air on April 8, but will air on April 15, 2012.