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Submit your stories and videos, and share your thoughts about why OETA is important to you!
It’s easy:

  • Click on the "Get Involved" link.
  • Enter your name, e-mail address and zip code.
  • Type in your story, and/or upload your video, audio or image. Feel free to submit a photo of yourself to accompany your story.
  • Click Submit.

Whether you are a fan of Oklahoma News Report or NOVA, Ken Burns or B.J. Wexler, we want to hear from you.

Suggested topics

Here are some topics to help with the brainstorming process if you are having difficulty expressing the value of OETA for you.

  • Why do you think OETA is important?
  • What do you consider essential about the programs and services OETA provides?
  • What is your favorite OETA program? Why is it your favorite?
  • Is there a particular moment you realized how important public television (OETA) is to you and your family?

A Written Story

Try organizing your thoughts in a computer text editor such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. This will also allow you the opportunity to check your spelling and grammar. When you feel you have organized your material sufficiently, you can cut and paste your text from the text editor into the web browser.

An Audio or Video Recording

  • Setting a loose outline to follow or read from can really help make your statement more coherent, but avoid the trap of reading your story verbatim, especially when recording to video.
  • Make your recording in an environment that is free from distraction and is realtively quiet. This will make the process easier, reducing the need to make multiple versions because possible the dog was barking in the background.