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Emmy Award Winner BJ Wexler

Written on Monday July 20, 2009

BJ_Mickie_Emmy Saturday, July 18, 2009 BJ Wexler was awarded an Emmy by the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences, Heartland Regional Chapter for "Best Host" of a television program.  The entire OETA staff is very proud of BJ and this recognition.

As you, the OETA Movie Club viewers, have said many times to me, he is the best.  I couldn't agree more.  He is not only the host, but the lifeblood of the OETA Movie Club.  His charm and personality keep people tuning in week after week.  And he is just as loveable in person as he is on television.  I enjoy working with him every week to create a program we can all be proud of.

BJ was shocked and humbled by the announcement that he was the latest winner of television's highest prize, the Emmy.

Congratulations BJ!!

Mickie Smith
OETA Movie Club

Pictured above: BJ Wexler and Mickie Smith, Producer/Director of the OETA Movie Club