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A Fine Tradition

Written by David Tamez on Wednesday April 14, 2010

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Remember the fine hand painted china your grandmother would proudly display in her home?   The plates carefully kept in cabinets?   The lamps on end tables and nightstands?   The China dolls in the guest bedroom?  They can seem like momentoes from a bygone era,  but the fine tradition of china painting is alive and well in Oklahoma.   The World Organization of China Painters Headquarters and Museum in Oklahoma City draws enthusiasts from around the globe and home grown artists continue to create phenomenal master pieces.   Gallery in May visits the museum and travels to Ada to visit one of the state’s most prolific china painters to see how it’s done.  Fine china Painting isn’t just something for your grandmother to enjoy.  It’s an artistry that is still alive and well today and ready for a new generation of innovation and appreciation.

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