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Cooking up a Hot Career!

Written by Susan Miller on Thursday March 11, 2010


  Platt College School of Culinary Arts  

I didn’t know what to expect when we decided to go to Platt College Culinary Institute in Oklahoma City to begin work on our April show focusing on the culinary arts, but I certainly didn’t expect to find so many respected chef’s who’ve worked all over the world.    I intended just to have a segment on Platt showing how they teach the culinary arts to students.   But let me tell you, this is a full blown, all out, high level culinary school.   It is accredited by the American Culinary Federation and as such, must adhere to the industry’s highest standards of teaching.

The Oklahoma City campus is headed up by Chef Mark Cochran, a chef with so many levels of achievement that any fine restaurant would be thrilled to have him at the helm, but after 38 years of working in virtually all aspects of the food industry, Chef Cochran has returned home to Oklahoma to share his knowledge with the next generation.   

12 chefs, all tops in their respective fields work under Chef Cochran teaching everything from knife skills to pastries, to international cuisine to restaurant management


 Platt Culinary Students in Class

The classes are full of students, some fresh from high school, and some fresh from finishing up their first careers and looking for a new start.   All of them share a single interest…passion for cooking.   In every class we saw nothing but serious dedication.   This is no cooking school, this is truly an institute that is training students to be the best and while some of the chefs told me “It’s nothing like you see on television”, it is just a little bit.   There is a high level of respect, but there are high expectations as well and the chefs don’t let students get away with a single error.  The students are like soldiers, the chefs are drill sergeants, colonels and generals keeping an eye on all.  “Keep your station clean!”   “Yes, chef!”  “You overcooked your protein!  Do better next time.”  “Yes, Chef!”    “Are you sending out that plate with food on the edge?”  “No, Chef!”


Chef Travis Williams

With more than 150 students, top level chefs, a full restaurant lab that is open to the public AND a competitive culinary team that will represent Oklahoma in the ACF Regional competition in late March, we found a full show for our viewers at the Platt College Culinary Institute.  If you want to see the culinary arts in action in Oklahoma, be sure to watch Gallery on April 1st at 8:00pm.

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