Gallery Episode 1007

Written by David Tamez on Wednesday March 10, 2010



The Culinary Arts

The empty plate is a blank canvas for culinary artists and their medium is food.  Oklahoma is on the cusp of a cultural renaissance and this form of expression is part of the experience.   Gallery takes you to the top culinary school in the state, where chefs who’ve worked all over the world are teaching the next generation what it takes to be the best in their field…or in the kitchen.  The Culinary Institute at Platt College is prepping for a regional competition that will put them head to head against other culinary schools from 15 states.  Last year they took bronze.  This year, the team is going for gold.  See what it takes to julienne, dice, grate, pare and peel your way to super star status at the stove as we go behind the scenes at one of the most high pressure art studios we’ve ever visited…the Kitchens of the culinary arts.


Gallery Producer Susan Miller Blog's about this Documentary Shoot


Platt Culinary School

2727 W Memorial Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
(405) 749-2433
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