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The Thespian - NEW!

Written by Susan Miller on Monday December 14, 2009



I’m always blown away by the talented and exceptional Oklahomans I meet every day in my job with Gallery.   The man we will feature in my segment of January’s program is no exception.  

Jonathan Beck Reed is a favorite on the theatrical stages and movie sets here in Oklahoma, but did you know he was and IS a favorite on stages around the nation and abroad?   You’d never know it if you met him.   He runs errands around town with his 20 month old twins in tow, enjoying his first taste of fatherhood.   He teaches aspiring young actors how to make the most of their stage presence in a private studio and as a professor at Oklahoma City University and he performs in productions for a theatre he founded with old college friends, the Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre, one of just two unionized theatre’s in the state.

The night we went to shoot his interview at City Rep we also planned to shoot him performing in a production of A Tuna Christmas.  We did the interview first and while I had HEARD Jonathan was a good actor it really didn’t sink in until I saw him on stage.   Sometimes you know when you’re being blessed.   Watching Jonathan perform all the different characters he portrayed in that play was something to behold. I was supposed to be working, but it was hard to concentrate.  He literally became the character and ceased to be himself. 

It’s little wonder that he had no trouble winning leading roles in national Broadway tours.  It’s little wonder that after working in New York City for 12 years he could come back home, knowing theatres would come looking for him.   His auditioning days were done.  He is an established, nationally known thespian who calls Oklahoma home.

Gallery will introduce you to Jonathan Beck Reed January 7, 2010 at 8:00pm on OETA.  I hope you can make the curtain call.