Art Works

Written by David Tamez on Friday December 20, 2013

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, (OVAC) has supported Oklahoma artists for 25 years. OVAC hosts major events like:  Momentum, 12 x 12, and the Tulsa Studio Art Tours to showcase and encourage Oklahoma Artists. OVAC further assists artists through their workshops, education seminars, and grants for artists.  Visual artists from all over the state are grateful for the support of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Okmulgee artist Anne Spoon recently painted 100 portraits of Okmulgee residents; OVAC helped support her project through a grant. She said, “OVAC was instrumental in helping me take this small idea that I thought, can I pull this off on my own and they were a huge support.” Peter Dolese of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City said, “I think the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is the lynchpin that holds the arts community together.” Find out more on how OVAC works to keep the arts in Oklahoma thriving on Gallery, premiering January 9th.