Figures of Speech

Written by David Tamez on Monday November 4, 2013

JRB Art at the Elms hosts its November exhibit “Figures of Speech.” The exhibit includes the work of three noted Oklahoma artists: Denise Duong, Ginna Dowling, and George Oswalt. The exhibit continues through November. All three of these artists works portray philosophies of life and emotion in their own style.

Denise Duong explores international subjects and the culinary world in her art. Duong’s mixed media collection entitled “Oxymoron” put a spin on reality and makes the viewer wonder, “Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing?”

Ginna Dowling’s works on display are entitled, “Reconciling Memories.” Much of the imagery in her work focuses on weaving the celebration of life with the struggles of life as we create memories. Her work is also narrative in nature and includes drawing, repeated images and byzantine icons.

“Post Pop Parade,” a series of paintings by GEORGE OSWALT is about the juxtaposition of people and animals. These paintings portray what it’s like to live in an over stimulated virtual reality.


written by: Janna Smith