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The Magic of Woolaroc

Written by David Tamez on Tuesday October 22, 2013

Discover the Magic of Woolaroc on Gallery in November. Established in 1925 as the private home of oilman Frank Phillips, Woolaroc has something for everyone. As soon as you enter through the gates of Woolaroc you’re greeted by buffalo, deer, ostriches, and many other native and exotic wildlife.



In the Ranch home of Frank Phillips history comes alive as the eclectic collections of Frank and Jane Phillips seem untouched by time. At the Woolaroc Museum western art and artifacts are on full display.

Currently Woolaroc is hosting their first National art exhibition all about Lewis and Clark and their incredible journey. 100 paintings by Charles Fritz bring the Lewis and Clark expedition to life. And 40 pieces of sculpture from noted sculptor Richard Grieves show the expedition from a Native American perspective. This is the first time these 2 collections have ever been shown together. The unique art show runs through December 29th.


Catch the history, the beauty, the art, and the magic of Woolaroc on Gallery Episode 1404 premiering November 7th.



Written by Janna Smith