The Silo Art Project

Written by David Tamez on Wednesday June 12, 2013


The Gallery Staff has been following  Rick Sinnett’s “Silo Art Project” since September of 2012; Sinnett has been raising money and brainstorming the project for over 2 years.  His mural “This Land” is approximately 120 feet wide by 100 feet tall and covers the north and south sides of the grain silos of Rocktown Climbing Gym. “This Land,” is a colorful mural that includes Oklahoma icons such as: the American Bison, the Scissortail Flycatcher, Indian paintbrush flowers, wheat, the earth below, sun beams radiating overhead and the Oklahoma River- each figure speaks to an element of Oklahoma.


Driving down I-40 just south of Bricktown you can see that the project is well underway with coats of light blue paint covering most of the silo. To paint the base coat, Sinnett and his crew of volunteers handle a 5 gallon bucket of paint while hanging from a rope attached to the top of the silo.



Sinnett has a passion for public art. He believes it enhances life for everyone. He likes the idea of taking something that already exists and redefining it. He says, “The finished mural will be a gift to the Oklahoma community, to all passing travelers, and a destination for those who appreciate public art.”

Look for this Gallery story about artist Rick Sinnett and his Oklahoma project “This Land” in September.