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Artist Greg Burns

Written by David Tamez on Friday June 10, 2011

On the Next Gallery - Airing July 14th @ 7:30pm

Detailed ink drawings provide the foundation for a Greg Burns painting and the power of the places he paints, from Meers Burger Stand to an expanse of African plain, gives his art a heart beat that resonates with those who see it.   Burns is best known in Oklahoma for capturing landmarks around the state, the well known and the mundane, passed by every day rendered in near photographic still life. Technique and subject matter alone made Burns’ work a favorite for Oklahomans and others around the nation, but it is the story of the man himself that makes Greg Burns a favorite son and an inspiration.

Join Gallery as we explore the details of the art and the life of a man who, despite being born with a crippling and rare disease, never let “I can’t” become part of his mind set.  This is more than a chance to see an artist at work.  This is a chance to see a well lived life laid bare, a chance to see Greg Burns ”Drawn in Detail”.