Gallery Episode 1104

Written by David Tamez on Tuesday October 26, 2010

Gallery Episode 1104


Sense of Self

Do you know your culture?

That is the question sparked by the new Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma.   20 years in the making, this sprawling monument to a people celebrates the culture of the Chickasaw Nation.   From a distant past that began in the Mississippi region of the United States where the Chickasaws lived more than one thousand years ago to relocation to Indian Territory by an American Government that wanted their home land to today, a time of Renaissance that finds the tribe investing in a future that remembers and honors the past.   The Chickasaw Cultural Center tells a story of perseverance and of a people who, despite great odds, always manage to maintain a “Sense of Self”.

Join Gallery as we explore the importance of culture with the vibrant Chickasaw Nation.



Chickasaw Cultural Center

867 Charles Cooper Memorial Rd
Sulphur, OK 73086
(580) 622-7130



Creativity Unearthed

He’s been touching generations for decades, fanning the flame of creativity wherever he finds it and along the way, he’s molded himself into the fabric of Oklahoma’s most vibrant arts district.   Collin Rosebrook is a ceramic sculptor and steel artist who moved into the Paseo Arts District before it was cool.  His work is masterful and, as Rosebrook proudly explains, affordable.   But the real treasure of this artist’s work lays behind the shop full of pretty dishes and sculptures for it is in his studio that Rosebrook teaches anyone who wants to learn how to find their inner artist.   He’s taught generations how to work with ceramic, how to slow down and smell the roses and to enjoy the life they’ve been given and how it all comes together as a Creativity Unearthed.



Collin Rosebrook
Paseo Website



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