On September's Gallery "Earth Tones"

Written by David Tamez on Wednesday August 11, 2010


Oklahoma soil has never been as beautiful as it is when brushed onto a canvas by Narda Caton.   This Oklahoman and Native American artist has gone back to her roots and is using the earth’s raw materials in her work.   Soil provides virbrant blacks, browns and reds.  Marigolds her yellows and Iris her blues and purples….leaves give her all the green she’ll ever need.   No acrylics or oils need apply for the job of gracing Narda’s canvases. Mother Nature’s bounty is all this artist need.   Join Gallery as we travel to Bartlesville to watch Narda turn Oklahoma dirt and flowers into paints for her pallet and blank canvases into rich and colorful portraits of Oklahomans from days gone by.  If that’s not enough, the long time artisan also works with metals from the earth to create a distinctive type of jewelry you won’t find anywhere else.   Narda shows us how she does it, just like she did 20 years ago when she had her own nationally aired arts and crafts television program. Don’t miss Gallery in September.