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Written by David Tamez on Wednesday December 11, 2013

Upcoming December Gallery Marathon - December 28th
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Ben Harjo- The Spirit of Line and Color

Written by David Tamez on Thursday December 5, 2013

The story of renowned artist Ben Harjo comes to Gallery in January. Known for his geometric and colorful works, Harjo is one of the nation’s leading American Indian artists. He creates abstract and highly stylized representational figures. The mosaic nature of his painting is reminiscent of traditional Seminole patchwork clothing. Through printmaking, He experiments with texture and subtler palettes. Pen and ink is another medium that Harjo likes using because it allows for his comic influences to show through. His work is known for its humor, either in comical imagery or in witty titles.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Harjo has received countless honors and awards, and his works have been displayed in numerous museums. Currently his works can be viewed at the Fred E. Brown Collection at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Red Earth Center, Gilcrease Museum, Wheelright Museum, and the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian.

Gallery brings you the artistic spirit of Ben Harjo premiering January 9th.



James Sullivan Exhibition

Written by David Tamez on Friday November 15, 2013

This November through January 4th, Artspace Untitled showcases the art of James Sullivan. Sullivan uses straw, plaster, and creativity to mold his lifelike and textural sculptures. The appeal of its palpable physicality is at once proximally tactile and distally visual. The seeming density of the mass is composed of a flickering of linear elements constellated into volume. There is a profound sense that any volumetric form, however abstract, references the figure insofar as volume entails a distinction of exteriority and interiority. Sullivan's works evoke more than the figure as abstract notion or conventional motif - they elicit the concrete lived experience of the body. Artspace Untitled is located at 1 NE 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. Admission is free.


Figures of Speech

Written by David Tamez on Monday November 4, 2013

JRB Art at the Elms hosts its November exhibit “Figures of Speech.” The exhibit includes the work of three noted Oklahoma artists: Denise Duong, Ginna Dowling, and George Oswalt. The exhibit continues through November. All three of these artists works portray philosophies of life and emotion in their own style.

Denise Duong explores international subjects and the culinary world in her art. Duong’s mixed media collection entitled “Oxymoron” put a spin on reality and makes the viewer wonder, “Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing?”

Ginna Dowling’s works on display are entitled, “Reconciling Memories.” Much of the imagery in her work focuses on weaving the celebration of life with the struggles of life as we create memories. Her work is also narrative in nature and includes drawing, repeated images and byzantine icons.

“Post Pop Parade,” a series of paintings by GEORGE OSWALT is about the juxtaposition of people and animals. These paintings portray what it’s like to live in an over stimulated virtual reality.


written by: Janna Smith

The Magic of Woolaroc

Written by David Tamez on Tuesday October 22, 2013

Discover the Magic of Woolaroc on Gallery in November. Established in 1925 as the private home of oilman Frank Phillips, Woolaroc has something for everyone. As soon as you enter through the gates of Woolaroc you’re greeted by buffalo, deer, ostriches, and many other native and exotic wildlife.



In the Ranch home of Frank Phillips history comes alive as the eclectic collections of Frank and Jane Phillips seem untouched by time. At the Woolaroc Museum western art and artifacts are on full display.

Currently Woolaroc is hosting their first National art exhibition all about Lewis and Clark and their incredible journey. 100 paintings by Charles Fritz bring the Lewis and Clark expedition to life. And 40 pieces of sculpture from noted sculptor Richard Grieves show the expedition from a Native American perspective. This is the first time these 2 collections have ever been shown together. The unique art show runs through December 29th.


Catch the history, the beauty, the art, and the magic of Woolaroc on Gallery Episode 1404 premiering November 7th.



Written by Janna Smith