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Written by Susan Miller on Thursday December 9, 2010

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Segment Producer Susan Miller 


Next On Gallery's January Show

Written by David Tamez on Friday December 3, 2010



What is your Culture?

Written by Susan Miller on Tuesday October 26, 2010

When I learned we were going to focus on the Chickasaw Cultural Center for the November edition of Gallery I was concerned about doing a museum piece that would leave viewers yawning, but that was a concern born of my own ignorance about the center itself.   The key word in this new establishment’s title is “Cultural”.

This is no museum.  True, you will see wonderful works of art that tell the story of the Chickasaw Nation, a tribe that sustained a strong sense of it’s own identity through many hardships including relocation to Indian Territory, but it didn’t take me long to realize that all this beautiful art is in place to support a vital message.   Culture matters, so in my segment of the November edition of Gallery I ask all of us an important question, “What is your culture?”    Through the Chickasaw Nation we learn just how important our answer to that question can be.


I hope you’ll join us November 4th at 8:00pm for Gallery.

"The Way Love Goes" Documentary Airing Sunday Oct. 30th @ 11AM

Written by David Tamez on Wednesday October 6, 2010

"The Way Love Goes"  Documentary airs this Sunday , October 30th @ 11am on OETA's Gallery Show.

A story on how one Oklahoma town copes with the tragic loss of friends and loved ones,  by creating a community festival which celebrates life. Gallery follows country music star Wade Hayes as he reunites with his family for the Friends Day Festival in Bethel Acres, Oklahoma.

Gallery exploring  the Art and Culture of Oklahoma.




Gallery goes to Wade Hayes' Hometown for Upcoming Documentary

Written by David Tamez on Friday September 10, 2010

"The Way Love Goes"

   On Gallery - Oct 7th @ 8pm

He’s a chart topping country crooner who’s never forgotten his Oklahoma roots.
Wade Hayes went big time when he left Bethel Acres and moved to Nashville.  That was back in 1994 when his first album, “Old Enough to Know Better” went gold and the title song hit number one on Billboard’s hot country singles and tracks.  Today Wade Hayes is a country music star and is known as one of the best guitar players in the business.  

He credits his talent to his dad, Don Hayes who played country music in clubs around the country and taught his son everything he knew.   The Hayes family still lives in Bethel Acres and once a year they throw a community wide music festival called "Friends Day"  that draws fans from across the United States and draws Wade back home.

Wade performs at Bethel Acres' Friends Day Festival

Gallery gets up close and personal with Wade Hayes and his family in Bethel Acres as they keep their love of music and their love for each other in perfect harmony.  

Don’t miss Gallery - October 7th @ 8PM  for this special presentation.


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Excerpt from Documentary "That's the Way Love Goes" (Gallery #1103)


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Bonus Video Clip of Don and Wade Hayes rehearsing before annual "Friends Day" Festival.