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The Singing Fisherman

On any given morning you can find Mike Crowley on the docks of Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City casting a line and catching a fish. At first sight, he’s just an 83 year old fisherman in overalls who never comes away empty handed, but look deeper or rather, listen carefully and you’ll find this fisherman can leave you reeling.

Once upon a time Mike Crowley was an opera star, a professionally trained singer who had taken the spotlight on the world’s great stages of the 40’s and 50’s. His is a voice once praised by the Queen of England. Today, he casts his powerful voice to the Oklahoma skies for an audience of birds, fish and passersby.

Gallery makes a really big catch with this one of a kind story about a Ponca City boy turned opera star turned mild mannered fisherman who is happy to share his catch, a fish tale or a song that can make you weep.


Mike still sings at weddings. anniversaries, churches, funerals, nursing homes and various other type of events.

For Booking or Contact:
Mike Crowley
(405) 946-2893


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Airdate: 1/8/08
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