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Gallery #1405 - Airing Jan 9th @ 7pm



The Spirit of Line and Color: Benjamin Harjo, Jr.


With a career spanning over 30 years, Benjamin Harjo Jr. is considered one of the Nation’s leading American Indian Artists. His highly stylized Native Mosaics offer explosion of color that dazzles the eye. Harjo’s work often reflects a playful sense of humor either in comical imagery or clever titles. “I feel that my art covers a wide range of emotions. From the serious to the humorous, and that the colors I used radiate a sense of happiness and joy.” Join Gallery, as we visit Benjamin in his private studios for a first-hand lesson in his spirit of Color and Line.





Art Works

When we see art it can be in a large museum or a small gallery and the presentation is the same, inspired paintings or whimsical sculptures pristine on their mounts and bathed in purposeful light, but much work goes on behind the scenes to bring art to audiences.  Besides creating their masterpieces, artists need help to have their work shown.   In Oklahoma there is an organization that has made promoting individual artists its mission for the past 25 years, The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.  Join Gallery in January as we go behind the scenes to see all this group has done to help artists around the state realize their dream, not only to bring their visions to life, but to share their creations with everyone.  This is how “Art Works”.


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Airdate: Jan 9th,  2014
Gallery Show # 1405


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