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Gallery #1403 Airs Oct. 10th @ 7pm



FEEL THE VELVET, BABY!  Artist Trent Lawson


Think you’d never have a velvet painting on the wall?   Never say never.  Oklahoma City artist Trent Lawson is bringing velvet back with a pop culture vengeance. These aren’t your uncle Ed’s velvet Elvis paintings…unless you want velvet Elvis, then Lawson can happily oblige, but this artist’s forte is a modern and impressive twist on what is sometimes considered kitchzy art. His is a talent that shines best on a plush background and when you see it, you can’t help but smile. Get ready to make room on your wall to Feel the Velvet, Baby!









BLACK AND WHITE: The Sketches of Charles Keller


Charles Keller didn’t give his artistic side free reign until after he retired and one historic Oklahoma town is reaping the benefits.  Keller had dabbled in pen and ink drawings earlier in his life, but gave up in defeat after seeing the work of acclaimed Oklahoma pen and ink artist, Greg Burns.  He did not draw seriously again for years, but after Keller, who lives in Crescent, retired and started making frequent trips to Guthrie to run errands the itch returned.  Old frustrations faded under the gaze of the historic buildings that he saw on every trip to the grocery store and so, Keller began to draw them.  He drew unasked.  He drew for the sheer joy of it and he gave his drawings to surprised Guthrie building owners.  More than 100 detailed works of art later, Keller does not have to give his drawings away.  Guthrie now turns to him for its artistic needs.  Join Gallery in October as we travel to Guthrie to meet the artist and see the buildings that inspired him to find his own artistic path in Black and White.





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Airdate: October 10th, 2013
Gallery Show # 1403




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