Gallery Episode #1304




What is a poem?

What does it mean?


Who is a poet?

Could it be me?


I don’t understand all the words that they say,

I don’t understand all the thee’s, thou’s and they’s.


Poems feed the soul,

Says the poet of the world,

They are the words of “The Voice”

But so much goes unheard.


“The Voice” has more words than thee, thou and thine,

It has words you will know

If you just give it time.


Gallery will show how a poem feeds the soul

We will bring you the poets

sharing all that they know.


They come in the month of love

To offer everyone a chance

To reconsider the simple poem

And help us all to join the dance.



Photo Courtesy: Chad Benner

Art on Fire

Have you ever watched a man set himself on fire for the love of art?
Phillip Danner is just such a man. 
He has been expressing himself through the use of fire and performance for over a decade. Danner is one of Oklahoma City’s premiere mixed media Artists. Growing up in Oklahoma, Phillip attended the Classen School of Advanced Studies and later moved to California then New York in  pursuit of his artistic muse. Returning to Oklahoma in 2010, Phillip accepted an invitation by fellow artist Jarrod Smith to join “The Society,” an art collective located  in the heart of the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.
“The concept behind The Society,” explained founder Jarrod Smith “…is not only to provide studio space at an affordable price but also to expand the number of opportunities for artists by collaborating under one roof…” Together, Danner and Smith have created a new tempo for the art scene in the Plaza District by holding  several free art openings and music events monthly.


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Airdate: Feb 7th, 2013
Gallery Show # 1304


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