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Once a year in every state across the union they gather, kids with cows, grown women with goats and corporations with Clydesdales.

No matter where you live in America the State Fair is the State Fair. Folks ride rides, eat food and look at animals. Fair goers typically spend about five minutes strolling through a livestock barn. They look, they pet, they move on, but if they would take the time to stop and smell the, well it doesn’t exactly smell like roses, but if they took the time to stop and watch they would see a completely different world where livestock large and small are superstars competing in high stakes battles.

The adorable, little goat surrounded by kids, pardon the pun, he’s a champion Pygmy Goat buck who is pampered and treated like a king by his handlers and while he seems to love all the attention, he’s here for serious business.  The girl blow drying the cow?  Don’t talk to her.  She’s been working for this moment for months and the Colossal Clydesdales?  Sure, come say hello and bring a camera.  They’re world champions, you know.

Join Gallery in January and go behind the arenas at the 2012 Oklahoma State Fair to see how the fur really flies in the backstage pens for all those “Stock Stars”.










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Airdate: Jan 17th, 2013
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